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Godzilla, a special effects monster movie released by Toho in 1954, has been produced in various series for over 60 years, and in 2014, the Hollywood version Godzilla produced by Legendary Pictures `` Godzilla Godzilla '', 2016 There are various Godzillas, including ' Shin Godzilla ', the director and screenwriter of Hideaki Kanno, the creator of ' Neon Genesis Evangelion '. 3D animator Wobbly Works makes a movie about Godzilla who appeared in such various works, “What if you fought beyond the boundaries of the work?” And boasts a huge popularity that is played more than 1.2 million times.


First appeared was Godzilla 4th form that appeared in 'Shin Godzilla'.

Raise a scream toward the sky.

Next up was the Hollywood version of Godzilla that appeared in Legendary Pictures' “GODZILLA Godzilla”. The Hollywood version of Godzilla in 2014 is much more shoulder-like than Godzilla's fourth form, but it is firmly upright and much more Godzilla than 1998's “

Godzilla ”.

Stare at the Hollywood version of Godzilla from behind ...

Godzilla fourth form to look back.

The Hollywood version of Godzilla is quite different from Godzilla's 4th form in terms of the thickness of the neck connecting the head and torso and the size of the arm.

Both males finally collide.

The Hollywood version of Godzilla bites into the neck of Godzilla 4th form ...

The cry of agony.

A flashy action scene like monsters will be unfolded.

Godzilla 4th form dorsal fin and part of body glows purple ...

Open your mouth ...

Exhale the flame.

From there, the flame converges and changes to heat rays like a beam.

Hollywood version Godzilla where the beam hits directly and the body burns.

Purple light emission stops ...

The fourth form of Godzilla trying to leave.

However, the huge arm of Hollywood Godzilla roars ...

I get up.

This time the Hollywood version of Godzilla's dorsal fin glows pale ...

Fire the heat rays.

Both players fire a hot wire and develop a bullet battle.

The heat ray of Godzilla 4th form hits the Hollywood version of Godzilla again.

A Hollywood version of Godzilla that bites her neck ...

Godzilla 4th form releases heat rays from the dorsal fin.

The Hollywood version of Godzilla is also back.

At the end, the heat rays of two Godzillas collided and exploded.


monarch of the secret agency that appeared in Monster Bath was observing the battle of the century by two Godzillas through the monitor.

The movie ends in a scene where this monarch looks like a mysterious research facility and looks like a silhouette of a giant monster. It was a curtain that reminded us of further battles by large monsters.

The 3DCG model of Godzilla 4th form used in the movie was created by steelia and MMDCharizard , and it seems that MMDCharizard created the Hollywood version 3D CG model of Godzilla.

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