A movie that reproduces the atmosphere of Showa special effects plenty while that 'Ultraman' is full CG is amazing

" Ultraman Fantasy Sci-Fi Series " aired in 1966 is a special-effects television program that depicts the success of Science Special Forces and Space Guards Ultraman who came from the country of light. "Ultraman" boasting an astonishing popularity with an average audience rating of 36.8% has been made into a series afterwards, and in 2018 a new work is also on air. A movie drawn by CG animation while reproducing the activity of such first Ultraman as reproducing the atmosphere of special effects is released to 【0 · · ·] who has released various CG animations, and has become a hot topic.

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An eerie whirlpoon is stuffy ... ...

The letter "[- o ·] Q" appeared. In the Fancy Sci-Fi series of Tsuburaya Productions, such as " Ultra Q " "Ultraman" etc., the pre-determined opening director has been reproduced.

"[· O ·] CG special effects series"

"CG Sci-Fi Live Action"

With the opening song of Ultraman backed, the staff credit and the monster's silhouette will also appear and the reproduction of Ultraman's opening was reproduced. This is a silhouette of Monster · Bemlar who appeared in the first episode of "Ultraman" "Ultra Operation No. 1".

This is the monster · Zetton silhouette which appeared in the final story "Farewell Ultraman".

And the silhouette of Ultraman taking the stance of Spectium rays will be displayed. Blender is used for CG movie production.

"Ancient monster Gomorra appears"

A large pillar of smoky dust rises from the ground.

What appeared from the bottom ... ...

Monster · Gomorra who appeared in episode 26 "Monster His Highness (Part 1)" 27th episode "Honor of the Monster (Second Half)". It is the survival of the dinosaur 'Gomorra Zaurus' 150 million years ago.

A report that Gomorra woke up from the ground entered the headquarters of Science Special Forces Corps.

Hayata members who are science special forces' ace pilots ride the jet beetle and express to the site where the monster appeared.

The jet beetle which fly in the sky should be a CG model, but I will show the movement that can feel the unique effect of 'special effects of Showa' such as fishing with a piano line and moving a background.

On the other hand, Gomorra is raging while breaking the city. A shot that reflects Gomorra rampant from inside the building is a composition that seems like Showa special effects in any way.

Jet beetle arriving at the scene will shoot a missile in Gomorra. Movement of Jet Beetle and Missile Backfire Shoot a missile I feel the "first-generation atmosphere" that the creator [· o ·] intended.

The launched missiles hit the forehead of Gomorrah. Sparking sparks and smoke seem to be caused by gunpowder charged to the costumes, and the special effects are further emphasized.

Drop quickly while looking at Gomorra from Jet Beetle's cockpit.

Hayato member raises a beta capsule in the jet beetle. Dazzling light blinks through the window of the cockpit ... ...

Ultraman appeared from the red light. Ultraman 's chest of transformation bank has a fine point that there is no color timer properly.

Ultraman will jump and kick to Gomorra with a cry of 'Deaut'.

The model of the Ultraman used in the movie is B type . It is the same as the one used at the time of actually fighting Gomorra in the play with the model used from the 14th story to the 29th episode of "Ultraman".

Ultraman grips Gomorra's corner and decides to shoulder ... ...

Gomorra will meet Ultraman with a long tail. Ultraman and Gomorra who are fighting are showing a move like a person is in a heavy costume, and forgetting to watch that this is 3DCG animation.

Ultraman is struggling a lot as Gomeora's tail is overwhelmed to get closer.

Gomora trampled with a foot with a fallen Ultraman ......

The color timer that shines on Ultraman's chest flashes red.

It appeared on Ultraman's pinch that Jet Beetle of Science Special Battalion Corps. Machine gun blows fire ......

Members on the ground fire heat rays with a spider shot, burning out the gemora's tail brilliantly.

On this occasion, the color timer flashed and the pinch of Ultraman got up ... ...

Stabbing and launching Spectium rays.

Spectium light hits Gomorra ... ...

Gomorra fell down on the spot.

Ultraman who succeeded, gumora was calmed down, and the damage of the city was stopped.

It was a state of "Ultraman" as it was broadcasted more than 50 years ago as it flew away from the sky without trembling.

And staff rolls flow. Ultraman's transformation scene seems to have been produced in exactly the same way as the actual shooting, "Ultraman with a large right hand and putting a purse on the front of the red background" to shoot.

The dotted line drawn in Photoshop ......

It is used as an effect of Sesium ray in After Effect. Even in actual "Ultraman", I was directing Sesium rays with the technique "Drawing rays with hand-drawn and burning them to film," which means that they were drawing the same way in CG.

A shoulder throw scene at Blender.

When the staff roll is over and it appears in the darkness, " Ultra Seven " 14th and 15th "Ultra Guards To the West" Space Robot · King Joe appearing ... ...

A stationary observer of the country of light 340 · Ultra Seven. The battle between Ultra Seven and King Joe, which is held at Kobe Port, is one of the most popular scenes of "Ultra Seven", and I'd really like to expect the reproduction.

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