When I listen to Godzilla's bullshit collectively and look back, it looks like this

Film entertainment company ·TohoThe special effects monster movie "1954" producedGodzilla"Recorded a huge hit not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world in 1998 as" GODZILLA "remake in Hollywood still boasts a strong popularity globally. Toho announced that it will not produce a Godzilla movie for the next ten years after the release of "Godzilla FINAL WARS" in 2004, but on Wednesday May 16, 2014 (Japan on July 25, 2014) New from the Brothers "GODZILLAIt is going to be released. A movie that summarizes the world scenes of Godzilla's shouting scenes has been released.

If you listen and compare it in this way, you can see that the voices of Godzilla are slightly different in successive works.

Godzilla roars 1954-2014 - YouTube

Godzilla of the first series was born in 1954. Godzilla at that time was 50 meters tall. It was drawn as a symbol of horror created by human beings by nuclear weapons.

Godzilla destroying the steel tower to which the high voltage cable is stretched.

The so-called "Toho Self Defense Force" is known.

The roar of the first Godzilla can be confirmed from 6 seconds of the movie.

The second work "Godzilla's counterattackReceived a big hit from the previous episode from the box office of the Kansai, "Because I want you to want Godzilla to rage in Kansai in the future", I decided to attack Osaka.

AnguilusIn the death battle with and destroyed Osaka Castle.

The escape Anguillas ......

Godzilla sticking to the neck. Godzilla's shout can be confirmed from the movie in 23 seconds.

Series third work "King Kong vs. GodzillaIn the American monsterKing KongAppeared. It is said to be a work that decided the flow of Japanese monster movie "confrontation between monsters".

King Kong throwing huge rocks.

Godzilla bumped by the rock was battle with radiation flames. Godzilla's shout giving off the radiation flame can be confirmed from 34 seconds of the movie.

The fourth work's "Mothra vs. GodzillaStarting with GodzillaMothra·King Ghidora·radon·MechagodzillaI will fight one after another with a strong enemy such as.

KumongaGodzilla burning a radiation flame on. Watching behind isA minila.

Head lock to King Ghidorah.

Furthermore, Godzilla inquiring of a drop kick from behind. Pro wrestling skill is passed on.

Godzilla's cry in the middle of the 1960s and the mid-1970s showing somewhere like a human being can enjoy from the movie's 41sec.

The 16th work which was released for the first time in nine years "Godzilla"I drew Godzilla again as a subject of terror as a sequel to the first episode.

Along with the increase in skyscrapers, Godzilla scaled up to 80 meters tall.

You can check the voice of Godzilla of deeper power which becomes obviously noticeable compared with the past from 1/2 seconds of the movie.

Published in 1989 "Godzilla vs. ViolanteFrom the second stage Godzilla series (Heisei Godzilla series) started.

The 18th work "Godzilla vs Kinggidora"Godzilla was released as a New Year movie at a yearly pace.

Godzilla who can interact with King Ghydora for the first time in 19 years. Set the stage in the finished Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the fight will be fought deeply.

Heisei Godzilla series scary scenes from 1 minute 17 seconds.

The 20th work entitled "Godzilla's 40th Anniversary Work"Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla". Although the production of Hollywood version Godzilla was decided, it showed us the "taste" unique to special effects not CG.

The roar of Godzilla progressing gently in the ancient capital / Kyoto comes from 1 / 40th of a movie.

In 1998, Godzilla whose Japanese movie boasts worldwide is "GODZILLAAs you enter into Hollywood with rumor.

However, as a result of Godzilla fans all over the world hugging 'sense of Korean' in CG like "Iguana" which is similar to original Godzilla .... However, only Godzilla's shout can be confirmed from the movie 1 minute 52 seconds that the original is faithfully reproduced.

Godzilla revives in the New Year movie in the Millennium series since 1999.

As Godzilla's view of the world is kept intact, the power of the image is further upgraded by fully incorporating CG.

However, it did not succeed boxingly, and the 28th work published in 2004Godzilla FINAL WARSGodzilla is in hibernation again. The last roar of the original Godzilla can be enjoyed from 2/1 second of the movie.

This is the Godzilla Theater which closed the curtain like this, but in 2014, it was decided to restore with Hollywood movie for the first time in ten years. The new roar of the Hollywood version GODZILLA can be ascertained from the movie 2 minutes 30 seconds.

In addition, music sharing siteSoundCloudThen,The roar of the newborn GODZILLAA person who shares appeared. It can be seen that there are many people who can not wait for Godzilla for the release in May.

The catch phrase of "GODZILLA" to be released on May 16, 2014 (Japan on July 25, 2014) is "The world ends and Godzilla wakes up." GODZILLA seems to be a monster close to the original Godzilla so as not to follow the same rut as the previous work "GODZILLA".

The appearance of the newborn "GODZILLA" can be confirmed in the following notice movie.

"GODZILLA" notice - YouTube

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