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'Special edition' ' ACCA13 ' by the new OVA & recitation drama that the staff & cast recollects the later story of ' ACCA13 Ward Inspection Division ' which was made into a TV animation in the winter of 2017 with a cartoon of Ono Natsume PV of ' ward inspection section Regards ' is released.

New OVA `` ACCA 13 Ward Inspection Division Regards '' PV-YouTube

© Natsume Ono / SQUARE ENIX, Namco Bandai

BD & DVD with OVA and recitation drama will be released on Friday, March 27, 2020, and prior to that, the OVA part will be screened for a limited time for one week at 13 buildings nationwide from February 14, 2020 (Friday). It is.

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RISC-V is expected to become a technological innovation since `` Moore's Law ''-GIGAZINE

Solve the mystery while taking notes with a paper floor plan and pencil Nintendo Switch `` Madrika Real Estate '' review of digital and analog tricks-GIGAZINE

Huawei announces `` NM card (nano memory card) '' smaller than microSD card-gigazine

Insects in the rainforest are drastically decreasing due to global warming, which has a big impact on the entire ecosystem-GIGAZINE

Trying to solve the littering problem with `` Crowbar '' where crows put cigarette butts come out-GIGAZINE

Action puzzle `` Overcooked-Overcook special edition '' play review that saves the world's crisis by cutting and baking ingredients together to cook dishes and cooking-GIGAZINE

`` Infini-T Force '' interview with Kiyotaka Suzuki, the merits of full 3DCG animation are accumulated in this way-GIGAZINE

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Harry Potter x Detective Conan (theatrical version) is completely addicted to the opposite

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
Already a slave? Disparities and new discoveries in prehistoric European households | National Geographic Japan Site

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Kobe Shimbun NEXT | Comprehensive | Assassination as a Human Behavior 4 Teacher Apology Words

[Female teacher in her 40s]

I'm sorry for the children that it looks like this. I'm going to love the children as much as possible, but I am sorry for hurting other staff and not being able to go out in front of them. I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused by my actions.

There is nothing but sorry for the teachers. The victim teacher's family showed me the picture and learned about the fact that she was hospitalized and that she was suffering. Until then, I would have contacted the teachers with my own thoughts. It's really painful to see him struggling without realizing that his behavior is wrong. I'm always wondering what's going on.

Kobe / Higashi-Suma Elementary School Bullying Teacher Forced Sexuality to Junior Gender Teachers |

The ruling party, why the administration “Yoisho” relative “overdoing”: Asahi Shimbun Digital

[Video] Chikuma River breakup Turbulent flow into residential area | NHK News

Typhoon No.19 causes tsunami countermeasures to prevent tsunami damage Iwate / Yamada floods more than 70 households Criticized by “human disaster” residents | Hebei Shimpo Online News

Yuko Mori “Questions are leaked” Prior notice to the government: Asahi Shimbun Digital

National Democratic Party Yuko Mori, a member of the House of Representatives, held a press conference in the National Assembly on the 16th, and the contents of the question that had been notified to the government in advance over the 15th House Council Budget Committee, where Mr. Mori stood, Announced that there is sex. There is a possibility of violating the confidentiality of civil servants and infringing on the questioning rights of parliamentarians.

Yoichi Takahashi professor, trying to criticize Yuko Mori's question notification, accidentally distracted that the question notification was leaked-Togetter

NHK News “Deer is running around” captured in Tawaman after about 7 and a half hours Sapporo | NHK News

NHK News

Chinese company acquired Toshiba “white goods” rapid growth due to consciousness change: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The white goods “Toshiba Lifestyle” sold by Toshiba to an aesthetic group of major Chinese consumer electronics is struggling to make a comeback. Employees overcame concerns after the sale and worked on new product development and cost reductions, and in FY2018, they were able to make a profit. Combining the 'Toshiba' brand with an aesthetic sales network, we are trying to draw a further growth trajectory.

What happens to vehicles on the Hokuriku Shinkansen damaged by flooding in Typhoon No.19? All vehicles may be scrapped (Akira Umehara)-Individual-Yahoo! News

Highly poisonous fire ant, first established in Japan or Tokyo Port Aomi Pier, fear of spreading | Kyodo News

Extremely poisonous spill from factory in Koriyama-shi | Kyodo News

Land self-sufficient water truck, the arrival of the stricken area can not be active, the prefecture does not request dispatch [Typhoon No. 19]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

US elementary school shooting incident, compensation order to author of denial book about 50 million yen 5 photos International News: AFPBB News

Rugby Uruguay representative to criminal prosecution over 4 million yen damage Kumamoto | NHK News

Rugby World Cup player rampage is 'little event' = Uruguay Rugby Association: current affairs dot com

Peruvian documents sent to run a self-made moped 'I didn't know it was bad in Japan' | News | TV Shizuoka

Google executive Yoko Matsuoka, Panasonic executive treatment: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Inter-teacher trouble 'bullying' and female teacher in Osaka-Sankei News

Typhoon No.19 causes tsunami countermeasures to prevent tsunami damage Iwate / Yamada floods more than 70 households Criticized by “human disaster” residents | Hebei Shimpo Online News

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`` People help ranking, Japan is the lowest in the world '' British institution Japan is a cold country Homeless acceptance refusal problem (Makiko Iizuka)-Individual-Yahoo! News

It should be noted that among the three viewpoints surveyed, Japan is ranked 125th in the world at the 125th place in terms of 'whether you helped a stranger or a stranger who needs help.' From this perspective, the bottom 10 countries are listed in the table below. Looking at the faces, most are current or former communist countries. Japan has a lower ranking than those countries and is the lowest in the world.

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Cacheable A / B Testing design with Google Optimize-wadackel.me

CNN.co.jp: The Pope of Rome announces 'Electronic Rosary' Click to pray

Explain 18 kinds of “probability distribution” frequently used in A / B tests and machine learning of web services-paiza development diary

Dark web international investigation, 337 people cleared for child pornography 3 photos International news: AFPBB News

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TV animation `` BEASTARS '' non-credit OP-YouTube


Arrest of unemployed man in Okayama on suspicion of arson notice to anime eva production company | Kyodo News

☆ To all of you who always support us | Minako Kotobuki official blog “Minokoro Yaki” Powered by Ameba

I, Minako Kotobuki, has been around for about a year from the spring of 2020 next year.
I was allowed to live in the UK!

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Draft bulletin! Lotte got the right to negotiate after Aki Sasaki 4 team competition! ! ! : Summary Lotte!

[Breaking news] The draft first place is Seiryo Okugawa! [Yakult]: Swallow Bulletin

Tokyo Olympic marathon held in Sapporo or IOC concerned about extreme heat-Tokyo Olympics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mayor of Sapporo “I am surprised and honored” Marathon change plan: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Marathon change 'That's about the northern territory' Governor Koike: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The Tokyo Olympics Marathon and racewalking in Sapporo Doha's criticism in the background | NHK News

While less than 10 months from the start of the Tokyo Olympics, a study began to move the marathon and racewalk venue to Sapporo. The background was the World Championship held in Qatar, where about 40% of athletes abstained during the marathon due to the heat and the criticism of the tournament was repeated.

“Adjustment, headache” “Sapporo is over 30 degrees” executives and others who are moving to the transition plan-Tokyo Olympics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

“The condition is better than Tokyo” Olympic marathon, Hokkaido to move to Sapporo: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Bushiroad acquires the female professional wrestling organization 'Stardom'! Under the same umbrella as Nippon Pro | News about East Sport's Stardom

Movie 'Extreme Job' 2020.1.3 (Friday) released! [Preliminary notice]-YouTube

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“Greek Yogurt Parteno with Grape Sauce” will be released nationwide from Tuesday, October 29! | News Release | Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

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