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The “

Monthly! Spirits ” series serialized by Sumi Hitomi Odo, “ Do not put your hands on the video lab! ”, Will be made into a live-action movie starring Nogizaka 46 members, following the animation of director Masaaki Yuasa . It was.

The movie “Don't put your hands on the video lab! 'Official site

From the left of the image, the young lady of the charisma reader model, Mizuki Yamashita who plays the role of swallows Mizusaki, “Anime is the setting!” Minami Umezawa who plays Sayaka Kanamori.

© 2020 “Video Research Institute” Live-action movie meeting © 2016 Hitomi Odo / Shogakukan

The comments from the staff cast are as follows.

Original author, Hitomi Odo:
Okay, speak for your heart. 'I ’m seriously saying that !!!!!!!!!”
'Imaging x Nogizaka 46'? No! ! This is a challenge from Nogizaka 46! ! It is a great battle of the century called “Nogizaka 46VS Imaging Research”! ! !
Nogizaka 46 of 'national idol group'! ! Dare! ! In the opposite position, “Don't put your hands on the video lab! The most crazy choice to make a niche and geeky manga into a movie! ! ! This is no longer an adult prank and festival! !
I'm aware that all the people involved, including the producers and directors who brought me in charge of editing and planning, will be in trouble with this live-action! ! ! 'Third video lab' following manga and anime 'Live-action version of Nogizaka 46'! ! ! What kind of delusions and art will the national idol Nogizaka 46 explode in the imaginary world? ! ! Japanese movie industry! ! ! Do you have enough gunpowder in stock? ! ! ! ! Please wait with heart! ! !

Director Eiji Tsutomu:
“I ’m really talking!”
I thought when I first heard about it. “Don't put your hands on the video lab!”
I carry the cross that touches the forbidden book. If you do it, you can only do “I have never seen it”, which can only be done with live action! I will hide behind Mr. Nogizaka and do my best. Everyone, softly.

Asakusa Midori, Asuka Saito:
A work with a unique view of the world. This world has never been experienced before.
The delusion of the author, Dr. Hitomi Odo, the work that the world I want to draw is fully drawn, has left a great impact when I first touched it.
what will happen? What should i do? I do not understand at all.
Is it possible to live-action the “strongest world”? I do not know. . . What no one can imagine!
Once live-action is really realized, the production team that has achieved it is a genius.
Such a wonderful work.
The author who draws what is in him is a genius. I appear in that work.
There is no other way for geniuses to follow desperately. I will study “Imaging Lab” and perform it with all my heart so that I will not get in the way even if I step into the world.

Mizusaki Swallow, Mizuki Yamashita:
Touching this work, I was shocked that fiction was packed with dreams, hopes and passions.
Anyway, it is a work that never stops the desire to create something big world or to explode imagination.
It is still unknown how to make this world where delusions and reality come together.
However, without the help of the production team, if you can create “the strongest world I thought” in real, I will be thrilled to be the best.
I want everyone to feel lively, fun, straight and refreshing every day.
I'll do my best to draw a passionate video lab where three people collide!

Minami Umezawa, Sayaka Kanamori:
From the first time I read this work, I was attracted to seeing the world drawn in a depiction I had never seen. The world that I draw is created in this space. I feel that I have gained tremendous power through this work.
'The strongest world' created by Dengeki's three daughters. Don't be thrilled to think we can enter the world.
Honestly, can they truly recreate the world they delusion of? What will happen?
I ca n’t even predict it. The scale is so huge that I can't even imagine it in my head.
But why is it so rewarding? I feel.
While discussing with the production team and co-stars, I can add good spice to this work so that I can become a good partner of Mr. Asakusa and Mr. Mizusaki in a warm and unique atmosphere with some sashimi somewhere in Sayaka Kanamori I will do my best. Along with Asuka-san and Mizuki, you will be able to become “the strongest three people”.
I think it will be a great challenge for myself. I'm very excited. Please look forward to.

The movie will be released in early summer 2020.

By the way, this article was posted on the same day of the same month in the past.

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'Do not throw away historical materials dirty with water and mud' call by research groups | NHK News

Experimental approach to reducing poverty | Yosuke Yasuda | note

Other field experiments investigated clear incentives for teachers and lack of accountability, which was reflected in high levels of absence. One way to motivate teachers was to hire them with short-term contracts that could be extended if results were achieved. Duflo, Kremer et al. Compared the effects of teacher recruitment during these periods with the effect of lowering the student-teacher ratio by reducing the number of students per teacher permanently employed. Students with short-term contract teachers showed significantly better test results, whereas the small number of students per full-time teacher did not have a significant effect.

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Severe damage Typhoon No.19 66 people died 47 broke down in river The full story is unknown | NHK News

NH Musashi-Kosugi Station flooded with escalators and so on due to flooding | NHK News

Musashi Kosugi Tawaman Underground inundation due to power outage and water outage Higher floors also use stairs | NHK News

Near Musashikosugi Station in Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki City, where tower condominiums are lined up, flooding due to a typhoon broke the power distribution board in the basement of a 47-story condominium, causing power outages and water outages in many rooms. Inhabitants are going up and down the stairs to the higher floors, or living in relatives' homes.

'Underground shrine' to prevent flooding Full activity for the first time in 4 years Person in charge Hiyahiya [Typhoon No. 19]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In response to Typhoon No. 19, which caused heavy rain, the “Tokyo Metropolitan Outer Floodway” (Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture), also known as the “underground shrine”, has been used to prevent river flooding. It is a mechanism that stores water in a pressure-controlled water tank and discharges it to the Edo River, which has a wide river, with a pump. It is the second time since the Kanto and Tohoku heavy rains in 2015 when the Kinu River in Ibaraki Prefecture was flooded.

Unauthorized sales through car sharing or multiple damages, Osaka police investigation | Kyodo News

Lake Ashinoko in Hakone, Kanagawa Water level does not drop and impact on tourism | NHK News

Lake Ashinoko, a tourist destination in Hakone-machi, Kanagawa Prefecture, has started to have an impact on tourism, such as the fact that the water level of the lake continues to be high due to the influence of typhoon No. 19, and tourist boats cannot operate.

Nagano Chikuma River Flooding Self-Defense Forces Helicopter Rescue in Wide Area of Basin | NHK News

Sano Tochigi Akiyama River is flooded Water flows into residential area | NHK News

About 200 traffic lights stop in Chiba Prefecture | NHK News

220 people isolated at a nursing home for the elderly Rescue with a boat Saitama Kawagoe | NHK News

Hokuriku Shinkansen one-third of all vehicles flooded Expert 'Worst scrapped car?' | NHK News

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President Trump calls on Turkey to stop invasion of Syria-Reuters

Tokyo Meguro Girl Abuse Death Defendant's Father sentenced to 13 years in prison Tokyo District Court | NHK News

Korakuen, about 150 stores are closed for the time being Koriyama factory blackout [Typhoon No. 19]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Homeless death due to Typhoon No.19 or dead body in Tama River riverbed in Tokyo | Kyodo News

Sexy remarks, translation difficulties = past 5 years, no use cases-government answer: current affairs dot com

“Meeting the cherry blossoms is meaningful” Government, answer by increasing budget: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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NHK News Tochigi Kanuma | One car died in a hole in the road along the river

Shingen Takeda's “Shingen Tsutsumi” is still alive in Typhoon No.19. That Sanada that reinforced it ...-Togetter

Okutama-cho, Tokyo, about 100 people isolated due to road collapse.

When evacuating due to a typhoon, there are many places where shelters do not allow pets to stay ... People staying at home with pets, evacuation pet information etc.-Togetter

The criticism of “Emperor baked and stepped on” is unfortunate. The author thinks of art and freedom.

“I think that the self-regulation on the side of the expression is large. Many people think that it is disrespectful to put the emperor in the expression. Usually, the feeling of sleeping at the bottom of consciousness I think that it spouted out of my footage.The sense of sanctifying the Emperor.It is derived from the image that “Japan is a nation that has a sacred emperor” created by the Meiji government in modern times.

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If you stay at Hotel Yanagibashi, your luggage will be opened and discarded without permission. -Togetter

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Tokyo City University and Setagaya Campus are submerged. The library basement was a big blow. -Togetter

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Perl 6 officially renamed to 'Raku' |

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Apology and report on the leakage of customer information due to unauthorized access | JIMOS

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Masashi Kigami and professional wrestling-boogyman's memo


TV animation `` 22/7 '' character introduction PV (Reika Sato)-YouTube

TV animation `` Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Magical Beast Front Babylonia-'' Non-credit OP Limited time release-YouTube

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A new ice brand “KASANEL” is here! | News Release | Imuraya Co., Ltd.

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