The whole picture of a new species wrapped in a mystery with 720 gender can be solved without a brain

'I don't have a brain, but I can solve the problem, I don't have a hand or mouth, but I can detect and digest food, I can move without a foot, it looks like a fungus, it behaves like a creature, 720 genders France's Paris Zoo has released a new species of “something”.

Rendez-vous Sauvage Europe | Parc Zoologique de Paris

Paris zoo unveils the blob, an organism with no brain but 720 sexes-Reuters

You can see how strange 'Blob' is by watching the following movie.

'Blob' makes first appearance at Paris zoo | AFP-YouTube

Blob was first released in the world at the Paris Zoo. If you look closely at the aquarium with soil and plants ...

There is something like a yellow algae on the tree. This is Blob.

Blob does not have a brain, mouth, eyes, ears, etc., but it can detect that there is food and actually eat it. You can move without having limbs ...

Even if you don't have a brain, you can solve problems.

“Blob is one of the most unusual things on the planet today. It ’s a species that has existed for hundreds of years, but I do n’t yet know what this is. It ’s an animal or a fungus… Maybe 'says Bruno David, director of the Natural History Museum in Paris.

“Blob can sometimes behave like an animal. It can remember and solve problems like a maze.”

There are a lot of blobs in the petri dish.

Oatmeal is given as food.

“You can see the evolution of Blob, but you can't see it directly with the naked eye. You can see it in 2-4 hours,” says Marlene Itan Gardener.

The Paris Zoo also had a screen on which a Blob image through a microscope was projected.

Furthermore, the official movie of the Paris Zoo that talks about the ecology of Blob is from the following.

Cultivateurs de blob-YouTube

Frederic Geoffriau, who worked for the zoo in Paris and worked on the task of “raising creatures and displaying them to the general public,” and Gardener, who also appeared in the previous movie.

They raised the largest possible creature for the exhibition.

Gardener who scrapes the petri dish blob.


It will be integrated into a Blob that exists in another petri dish.

Blob lives in acacia trees. Sprinkle water here ...

Put a small amount of blob here. It seems that a temperature of 19-25 degrees and a humidity of 80-100% are suitable.

Blob spreads around the tree as shown below.

Even if the Blob is divided into two, it can be restored by self-healing within 2 minutes, and if two Blob are integrated, 'knowledge' of one Blob is transmitted to the other, the ecology is mysterious anyway It is overflowing with dots. Blob was named after the 1958 sci-fi movie “The Flob of SF Eater Amoeba ”.

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