Voices of criticism from fans and employees for companies that disposed of professional gamers who supported Hong Kong demonstrations

In October 2019,

Blizzard Entertainment , an American game company, dismissed the prize money and suspended the one-year tournament for pro gamers who expressed their support for the Hong Kong demonstration. There have been many controversies over this decision, and politicians, fans, employees, etc. are developing criticism and protests.

Blizzard's Hong Kong Screw-Up Is Officially an International Incident-VICE

Blizzard Employees Staged a Walkout to Protest Banned Pro-Hong Kong Gamer

The blizzard has been questioned, a popular game ' Hearthstone is a professional' Blitzchung 'released in Hong Kong, our era of the revolution!' On which Mr. went in an interview after the tournament is saying that.

Pro gamers who expressed support for the Hong Kong demonstration will be taken away from the prize money and banned from participating in the tournament-GIGAZINE

Blizzard, who judged that 'I violated the rules prohibiting 'angering some people and public groups',' stripped the 10,000 dollars (about 1.07 million yen) that Blitzchung had won, We have been banned from participating in the Hearthstone tournament for one year from October 5, 2019 to October 5, 2020.

The case has been criticized by not only supporters of the Hong Kong demonstration but also the US Senator. Democratic Senator Ron Weiden received Blizzard's decision, 'Blizzard has done a shame to please the Chinese Communist Party,' 'American companies should not censor the call for freedom.' Also, Republican Senator Marco Rubio said, “Those who do not live in China must face self-censorship, be dismissed or suspended.” “China uses free access to the market and free speech Has been destroyed worldwide. '

In recent years, it is said that China has demanded remarks and regulations in line with the intentions of the Chinese government against other countries against the background of economic power. As a result of using the fact that multinational corporations make a lot of profits in the Chinese market, they are forced to make threatening choices to “take profits in the Chinese market or take corporate values.” In addition, it is possible to suppress speech against foreign companies and individuals.

Experts claim that `` China is strengthening speech control overseas and companies are forced to make decisions ''-GIGAZINE

Senator Weiden told VICE, an overseas media, “China's repression of peaceful opinions is tired of happening in China, but I am very worried that American companies willingly participate in the Chinese government's propaganda. “We commented via email.

However, although Blizzard is an American company, Tencent, which is a major Chinese game company and also provides Internet services, owns 4.9% of the shares, and the Chinese market is an important position that will make a big profit for Blizzard There are also things, and you can see the composition that could not be countered.



A lot of criticism and disappointment have been gathered from Blizzard fans about the disposal to Blitzchung. In Reddit 's Hearthstone thread , many players have expressed anger towards Blizzard, and many players say 'I will not play Blizzard games anymore'.

'I will not play Hearthstone every day. .1 million dollars more than that many times has been reached in the legend rank was Tsugikomi money. As Hong Kong people, I will stop without Hearthstone hesitation,' such as comments Ya , “If you are still playing Hearthstone, this is the same as sending a message that this is ok. Multinational companies should help the Chinese government's human rights violations. There was a target. the following is severe, such as if it is good 'have 's your turn comments had were received.

In addition, protests are not limited to politicians and fans, but are also coming from within Blizzard. At the entrance of Blizzard's headquarters in Irvine , California, a 12-foot-high oak statue is installed, and the surrounding plates are `` Think Globally '', `` Every Voice Matters ( 'All voices are important.' Employees who are protesting Mr. Blitzchung's disposal are covering this motto with paper.

The Daily Beast, a media that deals with politics and pop culture, reports that Blizzard employees have gathered in front of the Oak statue for a protest and have held a strike. The protesters are holding umbrellas because they are the visual symbols used by the Hong Kong demo participants.

Blizzard ’s current employee also told The Daily Beast, “I'm disappointed. We want people from all over the world to play the game. The disposal like this should not have been done. '

In response to Blizzard's case, Epic Games , the developer of the popular battle royal game `` Fort Knight '', announced that `` Unlike Blizzard, political speeches do not dispose of players and content creators '' .

Unlike Blizzard, Epic Games says it won't ban players for political speech-The Verge

An Epic Games spokesman told The Verge, “Epic supports the right of everyone to express their opinions on politics and human rights. Because they dealt with these topics, Fortnite players and content creators They will not be banned or punished. '

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