Blizzard loses sponsorship from dealing with Hong Kong demo

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Blizzard Entertainment , which handles popular titles such as ' Overwatch ' and ' Heartstone ' , has taken away the prize money and the right to participate in the official tournament from professional gamers who have expressed their support for the Hong Kong demo. , Gathered a lot of criticism from inside and outside the company. After that, it was also severely disposing of the university's Hearthstone team, etc. who also supported the Hong Kong demonstration, but the sponsor company who was dissatisfied with dealing with the Hong Kong demonstration by Blizzard finally withdrew Things are happening.

Blizzard Sponsor Mitsubishi Bailed After the Company Punished Pro-Hong-Kong Gamer Blitzchung

Blizzard Loses Sponsor Over Hong Kong Actions

It has been revealed that the Taiwan branch of Mitsubishi Motors , a Japanese automobile manufacturer, will completely withdraw from the sponsor of the esports event sponsored by Blizzard. The decision was made two days after Blizzard announced the disposition against professional gamer Blitzchung .

A professional gamer who expressed support for the Hong Kong demonstration will be robbed of the prize money and banned from participating in the tournament-GIGAZINE

When Daily Beast contacted Mitsubishi Motors' Taiwan branch, spokesperson Erica Rush said, “Blizzard withdrew from blizzard-sponsored e-sports competition two days after blizzard dismissed professional gamer Blitzchung.” He said. Mitsubishi Motors declined to comment further, and Blizzard did not comment on the matter.

Before it was reported that Mitsubishi Motors withdrew from the sponsor, it was pointed out that Reddit on the overseas bulletin board had the Mitsubishi Motors logo disappeared from the official distribution background of Blizzard's official e-sports competition.

Mistsubishi pulled sponsorship from Asia Pacific Hearthstone tournament !: hearthstone

The top of the image below is the official delivery of the esports competition before blizzard's disposal to Blitzchung, and the bottom is the delivery after the disposal.

Blizzard struggles to appease gamers in the two giant game markets of America and China, while adhering to Chinese censorship laws. According to Blizzard's financial report, the company cited 12% of its quarterly revenue in Asia, and Tencent, a high-tech company in China, owns 5% of Blizzard. Daily Beast points out that “this is also a major influence on Blizzard ’s response to the Hong Kong demonstration.”

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