MOD that makes Resident Evil RE: 2 Tyrant a scary murder clown `` Penny Wise '' appeared


Resident Evil RE: 2 ' released in 2019 is a remake of the popular horror action adventure game ' Resident Evil 2 '. A lot of MODs are made by volunteers in the highly popular Resident Evil RE: 2, and a MOD that replaces Tyrant (Mister X) with a horror murder clown `` Pennywise '' that appears in the horror movie `` IT '' was developed It was.

Resident Evil 2 Mod Adds Terrifying Pennywise skin | Den of Geek

Resident Evil RE: 2 Tyrant has become a very powerful enemy character, and has been chasing the hero decisively, hearing footsteps in the next room, and opening the door. You can't defeat it, and if you encounter Tyrant, you can only get away and escape.

MOD that replaces such a Tyrant with another character has appeared in the past, and in March 2019 a mod that transforms Tyrant into Thomas, the main character of ' Thomas '. You can see how smiling Thomas is chasing the building from the following article.

MOD that transforms Resident Evil RE: 2 Tyrant into `` Kikansha Thomas '' appeared and talked about `` reversely creepy ''-GIGAZINE

And just after the movie “ IT / It THE END“ It ”is over ” was released in the United States on September 6, 2019, a user named Marcos RC developed a mod that transforms Tyrant into Pennywise. did.

This is a movie that Albert_Fn_Wesker, who has posted and posted MODs of various games, actually played with adding MODs.

Pennywise the Clown from IT invades Raccoon City-RE2 Remake MOD-YouTube

When the hero opens the door ...

It was raining inside the building.

Walking in a pretty creepy atmosphere illuminating the destination with a flashlight ...

A huge pennywise appeared from the corner. The appearance of the clown in the dark looks awesome.

I look back from Pennywise without looking away, but Pennywise has headed straight here.

Looking at the makeup and costumes, you can see that it is a pennywise that appears in the remake version, not the 1990 version.

The player looks back and runs away.

The clown standing in the back is creepy.

Escape from the pennywise you chased ...

Escape to the back room.

If you hold a gun towards the door ...

Pennywise with a grinning smile appears.

Fires fire, but doesn't seem to work for pennywise.

Pennywise chasing with a player who keeps running away

Pennywise that can't be defeated ...

The punch that was greatly shaken out will come out.

Pennywise, who is chased decisively, gives a lot of fear.

Another zombie also appears there, and it can be shaped like a pinch shoot.

Tyrant is just a strong enemy, but it seems that the intimidation has increased as its appearance has changed.

The player is finally defeated by Pennywise ...

I got my head caught.

The MOD that adds Pennywise to Resident Evil RE: 2 can be downloaded from the following page.


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