Research results that the mysterious health damage of Cuba expatriates accused of `` acoustic attack '' is caused by `` mosquito insecticide ''

Reports have been reported since 2017 that American diplomats stationed in Cuba suffered mysterious damage to the brain and symptoms such as headaches and dizziness, and in 2019, mysterious brain damage was confirmed with Canadian diplomats There was an

announcement that it was . About this symptom whose cause has not been elucidated after 3 years, a new study claims that it is caused by insecticides against mosquitoes.

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In 2017, American and Canadian diplomats stationed in Havana, the Cuban capital, reported numerous reports of health problems such as headaches, dizziness, hearing loss, and brain damage. The United States, which judged that the cause of the symptom called Havana syndrome was `` acoustic attack '' by Cuba, reduced the staff of the Embassy of Cuba to a minimum, but the exact cause is not known even in 2019 .

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Some argue that the cause of Havana syndrome is cricket cry or collective hysteria, but a new study has shown that it may be due to the neurotoxin of the drug used for mosquito fumigation. It has been. Fumigation is a method of infiltrating a gas chemical into a target for pest control, mold prevention, and sterilization.

The research was conducted by a team of researchers from the Brain Repair Center at Dalhousie University and the Nova Scotia Department of Health, organized by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Researchers first discovered that the brains of the expatriates who reported the damage were damaged in areas that control functions such as memory, concentration, and sleep cycle. There are a limited number of poisons that can damage these nervous systems, and they are mainly used for pesticides, pesticides, and organic phosphorus.

The researchers then further investigated 26 subjects, including a control group who had never lived in Havana. Blood tests and brain imaging tests were conducted for diplomats and their families stationed in Cuba, and at the timing before and after returning to Cuba. I was able to observe.

A similar case of nerve gas damage was the

Subway Sarin incident in 1995, but the victims of the Subway Sarin incident were exposed to high doses of neurotoxin, while the victims of Havana syndrome The person was exposed to a low dose of neurotoxin, and it is believed that symptoms such as headaches and dizziness occurred without death.

Researchers found that in 2016, in response to the epidemic of Zika fever , Cuba conducted a campaign to combat mosquitoes, and when there were many, insecticide sprayed every two weeks inside and outside the embassy It was said that it was done. Toxic analysis of Canadian subjects who actually complained of symptoms in Havana found compounds in insecticides such as pyrethroids and phosphates . Researchers also reported a correlation between those who complained strongly and the number of insecticide sprays.

So far, the possibility of collective hysteria has been claimed as the cause of Havana syndrome, but Cindy Calkin, a psychiatrist who participated in this study, denied the possibility.

Mr. Calkin tried to interview the victim, but no evidence of collective hysteria has been found. The possibility of collective hysteria has risen because the underlying medical cause was not found, and medical evidence of insecticides was found in this study, indicating that the possibility of collective hysteria is low. It is.

The main author of the paper, Aaron Friedman, said the key point of this study was that it raised health problems not only for expatriates and their families, but for a wider range of people. In the future, the team will identify more toxic drugs and see how much they are affected. In addition, it is said that in cooperation with the Cuban government, the Cuban people will be examined for similar symptoms.

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