I was asked to draw illustrations on AI `` Aya '' which draws commercially available 2D characters to your liking

AI that generates various images has been made with the progress of machine learning, AI

that automatically generates `` Magic: The Gathering '' cards, AI that automatically generates fictional idols, etc. Is born. AI illustrator “ Sai ” is a web service that draws your favorite face illustrations with just a few clicks. You can also download the illustrations for commercial use.

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Aya top page When you open the, and the background was filled with a large amount of face icon, 'Hello, I'm Aya (again). It is AI illustrator to draw the illustrations of the face.' Balloon that appears.

Aya seems to be able to draw illustrations of various tastes, and the face displayed as an example has various variations from those with a three-dimensional feeling to animation-like painting. Also, it does not seem to draw only illustrations of female characters, and there was also a male character's face in the drawing.

As I scrolled down the page, there was a corner saying “Free illustrations from Aya-chan of the month”, and 15 illustrations that were updated every month were available for free download. Click on the top left one to try it ...

The comment “Yes, please!” Was displayed. Click “Download” to download.

The saved image is 512 pixels vertically and horizontally, with the person's face up. It seems that the learning data of Aya uses the legally-problematic images possessed by the development company RADIUS 5 and the downloaded images are commercially available.

Click “Request Aya-chan” to actually draw illustrations in Aya.

Then, three images drawn by Aya were displayed. Click on the image that you like the most. If you do not find the image you like in the first three images, you can display a new image by redoing the request.

This time more than before, a total of 15 images were drawn. 'Please choose a character with your favorite taste' is displayed, and select the image you like from the displayed.

Aya will draw an image that suits each preference based on user feedback. The closer the image is to the center, the higher the similarity to the image selected earlier. The illustrations at the edges and corners are different from the original image. If you look at the illustrations of the candidates, you can see that the taste is also quite wide.

Repeat the click until you get closer to the picture you want.

Click the magnifying glass button in the upper right corner ...

At that point, the picture in the center is enlarged. The watermark that is included will disappear when you download it.

When I tried playing several times, an image like a character of an idol animation might be drawn.

In addition, Aya draws illustrations of male characters, but since there are many female characters in the images displayed in the candidates, there are patterns that should have been drawn male characters, but will soon become female characters.

Click the 'Return' button ...

A new candidate image is displayed based on the previous selected image.

Click 'Random' ...

Returning to the first character selection screen, three new candidates are displayed.

At the time of article creation, I was able to draw illustrations even if I was not registered as a member, but the fourth click displayed 'Login required'. If this happens, you will not be able to draw any more images until you get back to the beginning. Click “New Member Registration / Login” if you want to continue drawing images or download illustrations.

Enter your email address and password, check the agreement to the terms of service and privacy policy, and click 'Create account'.

Then, you will receive an email saying “Please complete the account registration” to the registered email address, so click “Complete registration”. This completes account creation.

If you are logged in, you can draw more illustrations.

Click “OK” ...

It is possible to download images that have been drawn.

Download is 240 yen per illustration .

There is also a flat-rate subscription plan that allows you to purchase credits that can be used to download Aya illustrations. The above '240 yen per illustration' is an entry plan of 0 yen per month, and if it is a paid plan, you can download '5 credits' per illustration. Credit is 'Aya-chan', and the original currency that can be used with 'Photo Refiner', a photo / illustration high-resolution service, with a light plan of 4800 yen per month, 200 credits per month, and a standard plan of 9800 yen per month, 500 per month Credits will be granted. The expiration date is 180 days. The credits that can be purchased with the subscription plan can also be used with the

photo refiner service for high-resolution illustrations.
Entry plan Light plan standard plan Pro Plan Ultra Plan Mega Plan
Per month 0 Yen 4800 yen 9800 yen 29700 yen 45000 yen 80000 yen
Grant credit 0 credits 200 credits 500 credits 3000 credits 5000 credits 10000 credits
Download price ¥ 240 / sheet 5 credits / sheet 5 credits / sheet 5 credits / sheet 5 credits / sheet 5 credits / sheet
Number of sheets that can be generated 1000 sheets / month 100,000 sheets / month 100,000 sheets / month Unlimited number Unlimited number Unlimited number
Data retention period 7 days 30 days 30 days 90 days 90 days 90 days

The illustrations drawn by Aya can be used for social media icons, etc., and can also be used for commercial purposes such as advertising and flyer materials and doujin games. It is also possible to incorporate it into services using API.

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