Play review of the auto-chess game `` Team Fight Tactics '' produced by Riot Games who created the world's most popular game

In response to the popularity of “ Dota Auto Chess ”, which appeared in early 2019, many manufacturers have entered auto chess game development. Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, which has 90 million players, is one of them, “Dota Auto Chess was popular in the company and I was playing crazy with my colleagues. “We made it ourselves,” he says . I actually played to see what the Riot auto chess game ' Team Fight Tactics ' is.

Team Fight Tactics | League of Legends

You can easily understand what kind of game it is with the following gameplay trailer.

Team Fight Tactics Gameplay Trailer-YouTube

·table of contents
◆ Account registration & installation
◆ Play
◆ Summary

◆ Account registration & installation
First, register an account. Access the registration page, enter your e-mail address, user name, password, and date of birth that you use when logging in, check the I agree to the terms of service, and click 'Join Now'.

Since the account is created, click 'Download the WINDOWS version'. There is also a link for Mac right below, so there is no problem even for Mac people.

Launch the downloaded “League of Legends installer JP.exe”.

Since the installer starts, click 'Next'.

Check the “I accept the above terms” checkbox and click “Next”.

The installation was completed in about 5 minutes. Click “Finish” to launch the game client.

When the client starts up, the terms of use will be displayed again, so click “I Agree” again.

Log in with the username and password of the account you created earlier.

Decide the name that will be displayed in the game. Names worn with other people can not be used, but the green check mark on the right just seems to determine whether the prohibited word is included, even if the green mark appears, `` Start now When I click ', I got an error saying' I'm wearing another person. ' Try changing the name several times and finally pass.

Select whether to play “Summoners Lift” or “Team Fight Tactics”, which are the representative game modes of the League of Legends. Click “Team Fight Tactics” below.

◆ Play
When the client starts, click “Play” in the upper left.

Select “Team Fight Tactics” in the “Interpersonal” column. This time, we will play “Rank” mode where the ranking changes depending on the game results. Team Fight Tactics is an individual battle, and even if you make a major failure, you won't be disturbed by others, so you can play with ease.

At first, a simple explanation of the contents of 'Collect champions and arrange them successfully and win!' Is displayed, so click 'OK'.

Click “Matchmaking”.

I played this time on a weekday morning, so I was worried that it would match perfectly, but it matched in about 2 minutes. Click “Accept”.

Eight players will be displayed on the loading screen this time.

After a while, loading was completed and the game started. The blue slime displayed in the center of the screen is me.

The first starts with a “draft round”. In this draft round, “champions”, the units that will fight for you in the game, are rotating in the middle. When you right-click in the screen, your character will move to that location, so choose the champion to use at the start. You can't choose a champion that has already been selected by someone else, and you win first.

The first three rounds are hunting phases for enemy units. Click on the champion you just got, lift it, take it to the place you want to place it, and click it again to place it.

The champion automatically makes a normal attack and gains mana by making a normal attack. When the mana reaches its maximum value, each champion's unique skills are activated and can perform powerful attacks. You can right-click on the champion to see the detailed status, and hover over the icon on the bottom left to see what skills the champion has.

Each champion has 2 to 3 classes, and special bonuses can be obtained if there are more than a certain number of champions with the same class among team members. For example, if there are 3 or more champions with 'Sorcerer', the skill damage of all team members will increase by 40%, and if there are 6 or more champions, it will increase by 100%. The point of victory is to arrange the classes well and activate the effects.

During the round of hunting enemy units, the enemy drops a box with a “?” Mark. It can be recovered by hitting the body as in the draft round.

The contents are items or money. I was able to get 1 gold this time.

From the second round onwards, a shop will appear at the bottom of the screen, and various champions will line up. Click to purchase and strengthen your team.

If you have three of the same champions, they will be upgraded to star 2 and their status will be strengthened.

The Star 2 unit is very powerful because not only attack power and stamina but also skill damage and behavior interruption time are strengthened. It is important how quickly you can create a star 2 champion in the early stages, so it seems better to buy as many champions as possible in the shop. You can also upgrade to star 3 this time by collecting 3 stars 2 of the same champion. It is difficult to make star 3 because it is necessary to collect 9 champions in all, but if you can make it, it will be a very encouraging ally. You can see how the skill changes in star 1, star 2, and star 3 in the lower right corner of the skill column.

You can also earn 4 experience points by paying 4 gold. As experience gains, the level increases and the team size limit can be increased. Since the board can have as many champions as there are levels, the battle can be advantageous.

Dropped items can be equipped by dragging and dropping them to the champion. An item can be combined with another item, and until you release the click, you can check 'what item will be combined'. Material items simply increase the status of attack and health, but when combined, you can obtain various special effects in addition to the status.

At the end of the first three rounds, stage 2 is entered and the interpersonal battle begins.

The state of the interpersonal battle can be confirmed in the following movie.

TFT's opening game-YouTube

If you lose the battle, you will be damaged depending on the number and level of champions you could not defeat, and the HP will be cut. HP starts from 100 and loses when it reaches 0, and the order is determined in the order of loss. If you survive to the end, you are number one.

Gold that can be used to purchase champions and purchase experience points can be obtained 5 gold per round, and you can earn interest by accumulating 10 gold. When you save 10 gold, the indicator on the left side of the screen lights up and you can earn up to 5 gold per round. Furthermore, you can get bonus gold up to 3 gold by winning consecutive wins and losses, and you can get up to 13 gold in one round.

There may be drafts between rounds. Unlike the first draft, the player with the lowest current HP will be selected in order. There seems to be a strategy to lower the HP by defeating and gain a more powerful champion in the draft.

Initially, only one-cost champions will appear in the shop, but as you increase the level, more expensive and powerful champions will also appear. There are only three champions with “Night” in one cost, but by raising the level, you can purchase a three-cost champion with Knight and receive a bonus of “4 Knights”.

The 9th round will be a battle with Golem. Items and gold can be obtained by preparing enough strength to defeat the golem properly.

Only the “Ninja” class has a special specification, and will only be activated when one or four ninja champions are available. Care should be taken because the effects will not be activated even if 2 or 3 ninjas are released. All the other classes can be put in as many as necessary, and there is no problem.

Even if you buy a champion who is lined up in the shop in each round, there are times when the champion you want does not come. In such cases, you can pay 2 gold to “reroll” and renew the shop lineup.

If you have more than 3 'Elementalist' champions, you can summon a Golem and fight together.

The state of the battle in the middle of the match is like this.

TFT midfield-YouTube

In addition, it is important to use various classes, such as when you have two or more “Dragon” champions, the champions will greatly cut the magic damage.

Champions that are no longer needed can be sold by dragging and dropping them into the shop. Although we fought well from the beginning, 1-cost champions will become insufficient at the end of the game, so we will replace them with higher-cost champions as appropriate.

Each time the battle is over, the right side of the screen will indicate “how much damage the champion has done”, so this information can be helpful when deciding which champion to replace.

Among the items, 'Hera' is a special item that does not work as a single item ...

It has unique effects such as adding classes by combining with other items.

At the end of the game, enemy monsters will become powerful, such as dragons.

Defeat other players in repeated battles ...

When there is only one person alive, the production will enter and the game will end.

Because it is an individual battle with eight people, if you can enter the top four, you win. There are times when the pulling of champions and items is unavoidable, but in that case it is also a good tactic to aim for 4th place instead of 1st place.

The final game was like this.

TFT's last battle-YouTube

When the match is over, the client will see the 'ranking' and 'what team structure each player has made'.

◆ Summary
It was fun just to watch the team that I made up fighting, and I felt that it was good to be able to concentrate on watching because there was no need for any operation during the battle. Especially, the moment when a champion with powerful range skills wiped out the entire enemy with a single blow was very pleasant to watch.

In this play, I concentrated on building my team well, but in reality the total number of champions has been decided, and it is difficult for others to gather champions, so other people's It seems important to observe and pick the board. There seems to be compatibility depending on how the team is assembled, either `` go to pull the champion you want to reroll before the opponent '' or `` go to see the opponent's team composition and then roll to go to the counter '' Also seemed strong.

Team Fight Tactics doesn't have a billing factor that gives you an advantage or disadvantage for the game. At first, your character looks like a slime, but you can change this appearance for a fee, so if you want to play with a cute character or a cooler character, you will be charged.

If you have any questions about game elements or icons displayed on the screen, please refer to the official game play guide.

Team Fight Tactics Game Play Guide | League of Legends

Team Fight Tactics can be played from the following page.

Team Fight Tactics | League of Legends

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