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Apple has a new iPhone launch event is being performed every year, be held in Cupertino, California with headquarters on September 10, 2019 local time became apparent . The technology media The Verge summarizes new products and services that may be announced at the new iPhone launch event.

The 16 biggest iPhone 11 event rumors ranked-The Verge

◆ 01: Square module with camera
There is a square camera module with three lenses on the back of the new iPhone, and wide-angle and dark shooting has evolved with three lenses including wide-angle lenses. Also, according to the 9to5Mac report , iPhone 11 has a function called Smart Frame , which temporarily records the “outside area” of the shot frame, and enlarges the area of photos and movies when editing It seems to be possible.

◆ 02: Multi-angle Face ID
It is rumored that

Face ID of the face authentication system may evolve significantly on the new iPhone. Users may be able to unlock easily without having to hold the iPhone in front of their face or place it on a flat desk.

◆ 03: Slow motion selfie
9to5Mac's Guilherme Rambo reports that the performance of the in-camera used for self-shooting has greatly improved with the new iPhone, and it will be possible to shoot movies at 120 fps .

◆ 04: Video call gaze correction
When making a video call such as FaceTime, if the user looks at the screen of the smartphone, the line of sight of the face displayed on the other party's screen will be slightly shifted. To solve such a problem, the beta version for iOS 13 developers is equipped with a function that automatically corrects the line of sight during FaceTime calls, and it seems that eye contact during video calls will be possible. On the left in the image below is the “slightly out of sight” that occurred in previous video calls. On the other hand, in iOS 13 developer beta version, as shown in the image on the right, it is possible to make a call with the eyes matching each other by correcting the gaze of the man.

◆ 05: Real-time movie editing
Sometimes after you start shooting a movie at a concert venue, you will notice that the brightness and framing are not good. However, once you stop shooting and make adjustments, you will miss the exciting part. It is rumored that real-time movie editing is possible on the new iPhone, and it is possible to add effects, adjust brightness, and trim while shooting movies.

◆ 06: “Pro” is used for the iPhone name
According to

the leak of Twitter user , “Pro” is added to the name of iPhone like iPad and MacBook. The new iPhone, the successor to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, will be named the iPhone Pro, which may differentiate the high-end iPhone from the cheaper iPhone.

◆ 07: AirPods can be charged from iPhone
It has been reported that the new iPhone will have a wireless charging function that will support charging as well as charging. Analyst Minchi Kuo, an analyst who sends a lot of reliable information about Apple, predicts that it will be possible to charge each from the iPhone just by placing a dedicated case of AirPods and Apple Watch that supports wireless charging on the back of the iPhone doing. Similarly , Bloomberg also reports that a power supply function will be added to the iPhone, specifically the possibility of being able to share batteries with peripheral devices like `` Wireless PowerShare '' adopted by Samsung's Galaxy S10 There is.

The next iPhone may be able to wirelessly charge Apple Watch and AirPods from iPhone-gigazine

◆ 08: Not compatible with 5G this year
The next generation communication standard 5G communication is attracting a lot of attention, but the new iPhone that appears in 2019 is unlikely to support 5G. The Verge has not yet been able to use 5G in many American cities, and to be honest, it is 'good' that it doesn't support 5G. The first 5G corresponding iPhone appeared in 2020. Then the prediction has been.

◆ 09: Improved water resistance
According to Bloomberg reports , the new iPhone has 'dramatically improved' water resistance. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max already have OK water resistance even if left for 30 minutes in water at a depth of 2 meters, and it seems likely that there is no problem even if the new iPhone is dropped on a sink or bathtub.

◆ 10: Taptic Engine evolved into “Leap Haptics” & 3D Touch abolished
In the new iPhone, the Taptic Engine has evolved into “Leap Haptics,” and tactile feedback using the motor is expected to improve. In addition, there is information that 3D Touch used in iPhone XS / XS Max is abolished and a new “Haptics Touch” using Leap Haptics is introduced.

◆ 11: The finish on the back is changed, making it harder to slip
According to Bloomberg, the new iPhone has a non-slip matte finish on the back glass, which is expected to look like Google Pixel 3a . Also, according to Mark Gurman's tweet, the new iPhone may be added with green and purple coloring.

◆ 12: The successor to iPhone XR also has a dual lens camera on the back
The iPhone XR that appeared in 2018 had only one rear camera, but the successor of the iPhone XR that appeared in 2019 is equipped with a dual lens camera similar to iPhone X / XS / XS Max It is considered to be.

◆ 13: Colorful Apple logo is displayed on Apple products
Macs with a glowing Apple logo were discontinued in July 2019, and some Apple fans were saddened by the extinction of the glowing Apple logo . However, according to MacRumors , there is a possibility that products with the Apple logo that will shine in 2019 will appear.

◆ 14: There is no transition to USB Type-C after the Lightning connector
All three new iPhone 11 models in 2019 are said to have Lightning ports, and the transition to USB Type-C seems to have been postponed. Unfortunately, it seems necessary to carry a Lightning connector for the iPhone.

by FelixMittermeier

◆ 15: No Touch ID on 2019 iPhone
Touch ID , a biometric technology developed by Apple, will not be installed on the new iPhone that will appear in 2019. On the other hand, Apple does not seem to have abandoned the fingerprint authentication sensor, and in 2020 it is pointed out that there may be something embedded in the screen like the Galaxy S10 with the fingerprint authentication sensor.

◆ 16: Mute switch orientation is up and down
According to CashKaro's leak , the new iPhone's mute switch is not the same as the conventional horizontal switch, but is a type that operates in the same vertical direction as the volume switch. The Verge said the change reduced the risk of losing the direction of the mute switch.

Also, the new iPhone may not be announced at the new product launch on September 10th. New models such as Apple Watch using ceramic or titanium in the case, new AirPods with water resistance and noise cancellation, 16-inch MacBook Pro , new Apple TV with A12 processor may appear Said The Verge.

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