'IPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max' actual photo & movie summary

Since the iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max equipped with a triple lens camera announced at Apple Special Events , many photos and movies were uploaded from overseas media in the same way as the iPhone 11, so I summarized them.

iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max: hands-on with Apple's new flagship phones-The Verge

iPhone 11 Pro Hands-On Impressions-IGN

Apple announced the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max as a successor to the iPhone XS / XS Max. The iPhone 11 Pro uses a 5.8-inch and the iPhone 11 Pro Max uses a 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR display, with resolutions of 2436 x 1125 pixels and 2688 x 1242 pixels, respectively.

It ’s like this in my hand. The size of the iPhone 11 Pro is 144.0 mm long x 71.4 mm wide x 8.1 mm thin, and the weight is 188 g. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is 158.0 mm long x 77.8 mm wide x 8.1 mm thin. Both are slightly larger in size than the iPhone XS / XS Max, and are also heavier.

The back is like this, a simple design with only a triple camera and Apple logo.

The triple camera module is emphasized because it has a different color from the back glass.

The iPhone 11 Pro triple camera is super wide angle (f / 2.4), wide angle (f / 1.8), telephoto (f / 2.0), iPhone XS dual camera wide angle / telephoto, iPhone 11 dual camera wide angle・ It feels like taking a super wide angle.

The frame part is mirror-finished with stainless steel.

Start the camera. “0.5 ×”, “1”, and “2” are written in the center of the lower part of the frame, which indicates the zoom magnification of the camera as usual. “0.5 ×” is like this.

When the magnification was increased, the image was projected on the part that was blacked out.

You can shoot the field of view as it is with the camera.

The TrueDepth camera is also capable of shooting 12 megapixels, and it is also possible to shoot slow motion movies with the front camera. The following movies were shot by Apple in slow motion called “Slofie”.

There is also a movie that shows how iPhone 11 Pro is picked up and touched.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Hands-on!-YouTube

The larger size on the left is iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the smaller size on the right is iPhone 11 Pro.

Place it on your desk and compare. There is no design difference other than size.

It ’s like this in my hand.

Display surface.


Like the iPhone 11, the back has a glass cover, but the iPhone 11 Pro has a matte matte finish that reduces reflection of light and makes fingerprints less noticeable.

Apple logo on the back.

Triple camera with outstanding presence.

The glass part of the camera module part has a glossy finish, and the back cover glass has a matte finish, so the camera module part looks more floating on the iPhone 11 Pro than on the iPhone 11.

Start the camera. '0.5x' is written at the bottom of the frame ...

When “1 ×” was tapped, the image was displayed in the blacked-out area outside the frame.

Tap “2 ×”.

Using the camera app,

FiLMiC Pro, you can check the images on the iPhone 11 Pro's ultra wide-angle, wide-angle, telephoto camera, and front camera in real time, and record them all at the same time.

The actual state of using FiLMiC Pro on iPhone 11 Pro is as follows. You can select what you want to use from the four built-in cameras, and you can check how to record at the same time.

In addition, it is possible to shoot slow motion selfies with the TrueDepth camera at the top of the display.

The Verge wrote, “There is no 3D Touch. I didn't miss it,” and it is clear that 3D Touch was abolished from iPhone 11 Pro as reported.

The color variations are midnight green, silver, space gray, and gold. The price of the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB model is 106,800 yen with tax, the 256GB model is 122,800 yen with tax, and the 512GB model is 144,800 yen with tax. iPhone 11 Pro Max's 64GB model is 119,800 yen for tax, 256GB model is 135,800 yen for tax, and 512GB model is 157,800 yen for tax.

You can read more about the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max triple camera and A13 Bionic by reading the following article.

`` IPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max '' appeared, triple lens camera installed on the top model of iPhone 11-GIGAZINE

Overseas, it has become a hot topic that iPhone 11 Pro's triple camera causes tripophobia ...

It has become a hot topic in Japan for the armored cavalry bottoms scope dog.

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High resolution image summary of Apple new products such as `` iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max '' `` Apple Watch Series 5 ''-GIGAZINE

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