Nintendo Switch's free Kirby played online `` Super Kirby Hunters '' cooperating online and confronting huge enemies

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Nintendo Direct ' held on Thursday, September 5, 2019, announced the new ' Super Kirby Hunters ' series of the ' Star Kirby ' series, and software distribution began on the same day. In “Super Kirby Hunters”, there is no element of “sucking enemies and copying abilities”, which is a major feature of the “Star Kirby” series, and the 2D action unique to the series “Equipped with swords and armor to fight bosses” It is a game. I was able to play for free, so I tried playing right away.

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You can see what kind of action game 'Super Kirby Hunters' looks like by watching the movie you are actually playing.

Nintendo Switch `` Super Kirby Hunters '' where four Kirby join forces to defeat the enemy-YouTube

Immediately start the game.

“The Kirby Hunters stood up because Hermehorn suddenly

broke out in the Puppu kingdom, which was so peaceful that it was clear,” this time.

When the game starts, wound bandana

Wadorudi was greeted.

In this game, you will receive orders for quests from the red bulletin board in the center of the town.

At first, you can only select story quests, so select this.

Select “Coast” as the quest area.

It looks like Hermehorn is rampant on the beach. Select the Helmehorn quest to get ready for subjugation.

The first quest is a so-called tutorial, so there are two people in one team, but as soon as you advance the game, you can team up with four people. Select “Shutsugeki”.

Select “Yes” and the quest will begin.

Many of the “Kirby of the Stars” series are side-scrolling 2D actions that are designed to advance the stage while defeating small fish enemies. However, “Super Kirby Hunters” is a form in which the entire team attacks to defeat large bosses, and the quest content is similar to the boss battle of the conventional series.

The operation is simple with only jumping, guarding, attacking and moving up, down, left and right. Unlike conventional series, there is no element of “sucking enemies and copying abilities”. Kirby can choose from four types of jobs: “Hero Sword”, “Heavy Hammer”, “Heal Doctor” and “Magic Beam”, and the operation method of Hero Sword is as follows.

For example, Hero Sword can launch an attack like the “Sword” in the conventional series. Slashing ...

Familiar motions such as dash cutting are still alive.

Although you cannot copy abilities, Kirby's jobs are derived from the copy abilities that appeared in the series. “Heavy Hammer” is a high thermal power / super close proximity type job that uses “

Hammer ”. You can also use 'Onigoroshi Flame Hammer' that first appeared in ' Kirby Super Deluxe '. However, the disadvantage is that the movement is very slow and the jump is not good.

'Heal Doctor' is based on the ability of '

Doctor ' that first appeared in ' Star Kirby Robot Planet ' and is a medium distance support type job. Create a 'healing area' that can restore your allies ...

“Gakukenkyujo” will create medicines during the battle.

The chemicals that are made with Gakukenkyu are random and launch attacks with various attributes.

“Magic Beam” is a job based on “

Beam ” that appeared from “ The Story of the Kirby of Dreams ”. It looks like a witch, but the basics are to fight with a beam that blows away from the wand.

Magic Beam's powerful technique is “Time Beam”. Characterized by a clock-like mark that emerges when hitting an enemy.

You can stop the enemy time by hitting the enemy with the time beam many times. During this time, the entire team can damage the enemy.

Occasionally food falls from the sky during the quest. Of course, this is a recovery item, so you should actively pick it up.

The familiar system of the “Kirin no Kirby” series can also be used to restore the recovery effect of “Kuchitsushi” when you eat food and pass each other within a certain period of time.

Also, if you are attacking an enemy, you may occasionally see an item called “stone”.

Only one stone can be obtained per person, and if everyone gets a stone, a special attack can be launched.

Furiko suddenly appears in front of you when everyone gets a stone.

Follow the message 'Stop in the middle!'

The stone was a huge meteor and was able to activate 'Friends Meteor', which caused enormous damage to the enemy. The more damage you can get, the more damage you can do.

You can watch the following movie from when you actually activate Friend Meteor until you defeat Helmehorn.

Activating Friend Meteor with `` Super Kirby Hunters '' looks like this-YouTube

If you defeat the Helmehorn, the rank will be announced according to the time it takes to clear, and you can get experience points accordingly.

The point that physical strength and attack power increase as the level goes up is different from Kirby so far, and there is also a side like a

hack and slash .

If you clear the quest, you will receive a reward. In the first quest, I was able to get a “Gem Ringo” from Waddledi.

You can also receive materials such as 'Honono Kakera' and 'Hikari Kakera'.

Gem apples and materials are used to purchase equipment and items at Yorozuya.

You can get a weapon with Yorozuya ...


You can get support items.

You can also get “stamps” to communicate with others during the quest.

Gem apple, an in-game currency, can be purchased separately from the Nintendo eShop. Of course, you can play gem apples without any problems because you can clear quests and get them from trees growing in town.

As the game progresses, you can select “Waiwai Quest” from the quest bulletin board in addition to the story quest. This is a quest that can be played by multiple people using online or local communication.

In addition, the story quest / waiwai quest consumes the “motivation gauge” displayed in the upper right for each play. The yellow gauge is the story quest, and the green gauge is the motivation for the quest. This motivation is like the “stamina value” of a social game, and it recovers over time.

Waiwai Quest can be played in 'Online Plaza', 'Local Communication', 'Single Play'. This time, I will play in the 'Online Plaza' where players can be recruited from all over the world via online communication.

There are three types of online matches: “Omakase Match” where you can choose the quest that you choose, “Erase Match” where you search by setting conditions, and “Friend Match” where you play with friends. This time, select “Omakase Match”.

Since the quests are lined up, I participated in the “Herme Horn” quest that I noticed.

You can play online by pressing “Junbi OK!”.

“Super Kirby Hunters” can be played with crispy because if you fight with 4 people, you can clear low level quests in about 1 minute per one. It is interesting to be able to turn around according to the job, such as not only cutting into the avant-garde and attacking but also supporting from behind.

By removing the element of “copying abilities”, I thought, “I do n’t want this game to be Kirby…?”, But I played BGM, action, Furiko, and other series. The big attraction of this game is that there are places where people who do something unexpectedly do it. In addition, the operation itself is simple and you can continue to play for a long time with basic free, so even if you are not good at complex games, I felt that it was a nice point to be able to play with the power of the shoulders.

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