A spirit who reproduced Splatoon's fighting mode in Maincraft appeared, even though Wii U did not make a squatting battle possible

The information development headquarters of Nintendo who has produced many big titles such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pikmin,For the first time in 14 yearsA game in which a new character (squid) created inSplatoonis. The players divided into four teams, using the weapon to paint over the field with ink, but a fiercer who reproduced this strange gun shooting game in Minecraft appeared.

Splatoon in Minecraft - YouTube

The movie starts while sprinkling splash-toon fluorescent green ink.

Is this a squid form ...?

You can enjoy a battle to paint inks with 4 people vs. 4 people even inside Minecraft.

The map is built firmly beyond imagination, and it seems that the height difference is also set up.

Battle is 3 minutes as same as the head home. The map seems to reproduce the Hocke Pier. As long as you see the images below, the purple team with many unpainted paint seems to be defeated.

Weapons are "Snowballs" that fill the map with continuous shooting like a splash shooter ......

"Bow and arrow" that aim at a far enemy like a sprayer charger ......

And three types of "wooden sticks" that can paint the ground cleanly like a sprue roller.

To enjoy a splatoon battle within Minecraft, first move to this map.

"JOIN GREEN" and "JOIN PURPLE" are written on the left and right sides of the map, and it seems that they will be divided into right and left teams. It seems that team division is not completely random, like the original spratoon.

After finishing the team division I moved to a place written as "WEAPONS".

"Snowballs" "bow arrows" "wooden sticks" are placed here from the left, so you can get your favorite weapon OK.

After selecting the weapon, click the button in the center of the square.

Then the map moves.

It is the game start after the countdown.

Snowball is a style to paint ink while throwing ponpon balls like this.

It is also possible to switch from the first person viewpoint to the third person viewpoint.

And you can dive in ink at the place where your team's ink was painted. It reproduces exquisitely to the place where the number of remaining bullets of weapons increases as it dives in ink.

There are places where ink can be applied to the wall part and places that are not so, and even around here the main part is followed.

In painting the wall and climbing it ......

It was massacred by someone creeping without sound from behind.

Reapply and paint the wall.

If you transform into a squid form you can move in the wall too.

Because it is a very wally map imitating the Hocke Pier, it attacks pom Pom from a high place.

I changed the weapon and play again. Because bow and arrow are long range ......

Aiming at the blind spot so as not to be found by the enemy.

This is filling the map with a wooden stick. Because filling efficiency is better than other weapons, people who are not good at sighting should use this.

Although it is reproducing the Splatoon battle at a very high level, such as, and so on, SethBling who created this world has released data free of charge,from hereIt is possible to download.

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