A method to create a wormhole is devised



A new method has been devised to create a fantasy hallwormhole ” that can move hundreds of light years away. According to the announced method, the only material needed is 'several black holes and infinitely long space strings '.

[1908.03273] Traversable Asymptotically Flat Wormholes with Short Transit Times

Physicists Just Released Step-by-Step Instructions for Building a Wormhole | Live Science

“Wormhole” is a fancy existence that combines a “black hole” that swallows anything and a “ white hole ” that spits anything. A black hole is a real existence, but a white hole is a theoretical existence that is considered as one of the solutions of the Einstein equation, `` Is there a white hole in the first place? '' “Can it be?” Is still the subject of debate.

What is the “wormhole” that often appears in science fiction works? -GIGAZINE

The research group devised a method for creating a wormhole using the characteristic of a black hole that “can have a charge” as “a white hole does not exist”. A charged black hole is distorted by stretching a

singular point, which should be a point, and a pair of black holes charged with the opposite charge are connected to form a worm hole.

However, there are still two problems with this method. The first problem is that when positively and negatively charged black holes are attracted and merged together, a black hole that does not function as a wormhole with a net charge of zero is completed. Therefore, in order to prevent the black holes from merging, it is necessary to fix the charged black holes in a distant space.

Therefore, the research team has devised a method to prevent the black hole coalescence using 'space string'. It is thought that the cosmic string has a characteristic that it cannot be torn, so if one end of an infinitely long cosmic string is swallowed into a black hole and the other end is stretched indefinitely, it will be charged by the tension of the cosmic string. The black holes will be in a tug-of-war relationship, and the relative position will be fixed. The problem remains that the cosmic string is a theoretical entity whose existence has not been confirmed, but if you use an infinitely long cosmic string, the coalescence of black holes can be prevented.

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Another problem is that the wormhole is unstable. The wormhole is so unstable that it can collapse even if it passes only one photon. However, according to the research team, the space string will solve this problem. The cosmic string that fixes the black hole passes another cosmic string through the wormhole to create a “ring”.

The cosmic string in a ring shakes in small increments, stirs the spacetime structure and gives negative energy around the ring. Since this negative energy works the same as a substance with negative mass, it seems to have the effect of stabilizing the wormhole.

Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist at Ohio State University, who explained how to create this wormhole at Live Science, said, “The 'how to make a wormhole' shown in this paper seems to be a bit complicated. This is a summary of the method of assembling the wormholes in stages, such as the discovery of the natural frequency of the cosmic string that stabilizes the wormhole, and the wormhole eventually collapsing over time. Although the problem remains, the wormhole actually created by this method may be able to transfer substances, '' commented after saying, `` It is from the discovery of the cosmic string first. '' did.

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