The Hubble Space Telescope catches the appearance of "Einstein ring" made by the light that is twisted by the gravity of the galaxy

It floats on the orbit which is above 600 kilometers above the groundHubble Space TelescopeIs a space telescope which should also be called an observatory installed in the universe, which enables astronomical observation without being affected by the atmosphere or the weather. The Hubble Space Telescope, which has achieved numerous discoveries since its launch in 1990, caught the phenomenon "Einstein ring" that gravity creates by twisting light in outer space.

Hubble Finds an Einstein Ring | NASA

Hubble Telescope Discovers a Light - Bending 'Einstein Ring' in Space

In space, the phenomenon that gravity gathers light by bending the light emitted by the celestial body and looks brighter than usualGravity lensEspecially, those in which the light gathered in the ring looks like a ring is called "Einstein ring". Einstein ring name in the early 20th centuryRelativity theoryTheoretical physicist who announcedAlbert EinsteinThe theory that "huge mass distorts space and time" comes from the fact that the existence of a gravitational lens is anticipated.

The gigantic galaxy named SDSS J0146-0929 holds the state that it is pulled together by the gravity of hundreds of galaxies and is joined as one cluster of galaxies. There is huge mass of hundreds of galaxies in this space, which is a very strong gravity source.

It is this Einstein ring that the light passing around the very massive SDSS J0146-0929 is distorted by its gravity and the detouring light is observed like a ring. The gravitational ring also has the drawback of distorting the figure of the object, but on the other hand it is possible to observe the celestial body which should not be seen directly because it is beyond the giant clusters, so gravitational forces The lens is also very useful.

For example, in 2015 the radio telescope installed in Chile "Alma telescope"Observed the galaxy formed just after 2.4 billion years from the Big Bang by Einstein ring and research on the early universe advanced.

In 2016Ladybird Shitsatsu Dwarf galaxyAt least twelve Einstein rings were found in the research team and the team can apply Einstein ring to investigate the existence of dark matter. Einstein rings are not only aware of the beauty of the universe but may also be an important key to unraveling the mystery of the universe.

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