What is the meaning of 'Wormhole' which is commonly found in SF works?

Although the term wormhole often appeared in SF works, it is difficult to explain exactly what it is more than "it is possible to warp from one point of the universe to another point". A movie that explains such a wormhole is published on YouTube.

Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

If a wormhole appeared in front of you, it is considered to be similar to a black hole.

Is there a real worm hole in existence, or is it like a vision that exists only in the head of a physicist?

For a long time people thought that space was like a flat stage. The sun, the earth, and other stars are arranged on the stage ... ...

Even if stars and planets were removed, it was thought that the universe as the stage would remain there.

However, as a result of Einstein 's general relativity theory , the traditional view of space has been overturned.

According to Einstein, the universe is made up of space and time, and space space is stretching and distorting by the celestial bodies placed on the stage.

If the conventional universe is the setting of a hard plate, the universe by relativity theory is soft like a water bed . While the universe in the theory of relativity is a flexible stage, it is possible that a hole will be emptied or torn, but that is why there is a possibility that a wormhole may exist.

If there is a wormhole that connects distant places of the universe, it is more than light traveling normally in outer space ......

Objects moved through the wormhole may be able to travel faster in the universe.

However, the wormhole is not actually discovered, it exists only on the paper which the researcher wrote to the last. Wormhole does not really exist in places where the existence of the wormhole could be theoretically considered possible.

In theory, there are possibilities that there are multiple wormholes.

The theorized first wormhole is what is called "Einstein - Rosen Bridge".

Einstein - Rosen Bridge considers all black holes as the entrance to the parallel universe.

Space time and space distorted by extremely compressed celestial bodies ......

When its distortion becomes extreme, it becomes a black hole .

The black hole swallows everything including light, and it is said that it can not come out of singularity as anything.

However, there is a possibility that the singular point does not actually exist, and the ground plane of the black hole is connected to another universe. The universe on the other side of the black hole is a mirror image universe in which time flows counter to the universe on this side ... ...

The thing which is sucked in the universe of this side may be emitted.

The hole in the universe on the other side is called a white hole , but in fact it can not go through the Einstein - Rosen bridge.

Because it takes an infinite amount of time to get through from the black hole to the white hole ......

The astronaut sucked into the black hole will die until it passes through to the White Hall.

In order to move so as to warp the outer space instantaneously, a wormhole different from the Einstein-Rosen bridge is necessary.

If the classical string theory correctly describes the universe ......

Already there are countless wormholes in this universe.

The quantum fluctuation that existed in a minute space right after the Big Bang may have created a wormhole through which objects can pass.

If a wormhole due to quantum fluctuation is formed, a string called a cosmic string penetrates the wormhole and connects the end and the end of the wormhole rapidly extended by a distance of several light years That's right.

Perhaps the wormhole may be closer than human beings can imagine.

Some researchers think that " super mass black hole in the center of the galaxy has a possibility of wormhole ..."

Since we have a distance of 26,000 light-years from the earth to the center of the Milky Way, we can not actually see and see.

However, there is a way for human beings to observe the wormhole closely.

It is a way to "create an artificial wormhole".

The wormhole connects the living room and the bathroom, or the space between the earth and Jupiter ... ...

There must not be a plane of events that interfere with bidirectional movement.

In addition, the wormhole must be large enough so that people passing through will not die.

Because the force trying to close it by gravity is working on the wormhole ......

As you leave it, the aisle becomes the plane of the event, becoming a black hole.

In order not to be so, the passage of the wormhole must be supported by something.

In the wormhole in classical string theory, it is the cosmic string that supports the wormhole ......

Those that support the space of the aisle in an artificial wormhole are substances that are quite different from known substances and antimatter , called exotic substances .

Exotic substances have negative mass ... ...

It is said that it repels with existing substances that are attracted by gravity.

This repulsive nature creates antigravity and opposes the gravity trying to close the wormhole.

It is the vacuum universe that is drawing attention as a candidate for exotic material. Quantum fluctuation of vacuum constantly produces elementary particle and anti-particle pair ... ...

The pair of elementary particle and anti-particle disappears immediately after it is formed.

There is a way to manipulate the vacuum universe in such a state and produce a similar effect to the negative mass.

Succeeded in stabilizing the wormhole ......

You can place one end of the wormhole near the Earth and another end in the universe where you like.

That way, it is not impossible for the Earth to become a hub of interstellar civilization.

However, as a result of artificially making a wormhole ......

The possibility of destroying the structure of the universe like a time paradox is not zero.

For that reason, many researchers think that wormholes do not exist.

Unfortunately so far, the wormhole exists only on paper and in the head of scientists.

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