A messy and easy way to experience time travel & a difficult way to understand

ByJD Hancock

As long as anyone wants to visit the past or the future, time travel is packed with the appeal of tickling intellectual curiosity. I explained how to make such time travel possible "3 Simple Ways to Time Travel (& 3 Complicated Ones)There is a movie published, three ways to make time travel easy, and three complicated methods are presented.

3 Simple Ways to Time Travel (& amp; 3 Complicated Ones) - YouTube

First, from three ways to make time travel simple. The first is "not doing anything", that time is constantly flowing around people and that even if not doing anything is moving forward, that is, keep traveling on time.

However, since the way of time progressing between myself and others is the same, there is no feeling that he is traveling to the future any longer. It is also a boring method too.

In time traveling, only myself will go to the future so that intellectual curiosity should be tickled.

So the second way to make time travel possible is to "walk".

In the special theory of relativity, it is defined that the progress of time becomes slower as the moving speed gets faster and the walker slowly travels more slowly than the surrounding people, so you will be able to see the future over time .

Also, if you make a lap around a 100 meter square site, it is 3 younger than a person standing in front of the house by 3 femtoseconds.

The third way is to "stand up". In general relativity theory, the stronger the gravity, the faster the progress of time, so the standing person is slightly more than the sitting person but the time flows soon.

To put it in extreme, the foot near the center of gravity of the earth is stronger in gravity than the head, so it is about 10 femtoseconds younger.

Due to the time difference caused by this gravity, GPS satellites that are far away from the earth are moving faster than people on the earth.

However, the difference is negligible, and those who want time travel are expecting time slips in units of several years rather than femtoseconds.

From here, a difficult way to make time travel possible is introduced. The first one is "the rotation of the universe". In general relativity theory, if the entire universe rotates at a tremendous speed, a time loop will occur everywhere in the universe.

That is to repeat the same period over and over.

This way of thinking may be similar to the way the Earth rotates back to the same place in 365 days. However, unfortunately the research has proven that the universe has not rotated on its own.

Then, it is the second complicated way to make cylinders of infinite length that keep rotating. However, it is impossible to think of realistically making infinitely long cylinders.

In order to realize this cylinder and make it sized to be loaded on the time machine, the hypothetical "negative energy" with the sign opposite to the usual energy is necessary.

The third way to enable time travel is to "make a wormhole".

A space area directly connected from a certain point existing in space to a point located in a remote place is called a wormhole and there are many people who have seen it in SF movies.

Although the wormhole is only a hypothesis, it is thought that it is physically impossible to make it.

However, the problem is that no one knows how to make a wormhole. Also, if you can make it, the way to keep the wormhole remains a mystery.

Cosmologist Sean Carroll says that "we need negative energy to keep wormhole open", but we do not know how to generate the most negative energy.

Three ways to make time traveling simple are only time that femtoseconds are too short, although anyone can travel on time. A complicated method seems to take a long time to realize. So, in fact, in order to carry out time travel in units of several years, we need to go to the future ahead and we need a time machine to go quickly to that future.

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