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As private accommodation services such as renting a room in a local person's house increased, reports such as “there was a hidden camera in the room” were increasing. Other than private accommodation services, the possibility of cameras being installed in hotels and first-time homes / rooms is not zero and is a concern. Therefore, Johanns Ulrich of the SANS Internet Storm Center for IT security education summarizes the points to find hidden cameras.

InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog-How to Find Hidden Cameras in your AirBNB

The first thing you should check when you enter the room is 'Is there anything in a strange place?' In many cases, the camera needs to be powered. The first step is to carefully check that no power is supplied even though power is not normally supplied.

The following are examples of devices where cameras are often hidden.

・ USB charger
・ Digital clock
・ Fire alarm

Ulrich says that USB chargers are popular as a hiding place for cameras because they don't seem suspicious when stuck in an electrical outlet. In order to hide the lens well, the body is not black like the iPhone charger but black one is used. However, if you look closely at the USB charger, you can check the camera lens. It is also important to remember that the body is often larger than a regular USB charger.

Below is a hidden camera modeled after a USB charger, an iPhone USB charger, and an iPad USB charger. You can see that the hidden camera imitating the USB charger is one size larger than the iPhone charger.

If you look at the USB terminal side, you can see the camera lens.

The hidden camera built into the digital watch is difficult to find, but if you find something suspicious, just unplug the cable and place it in your desk. On the other hand, the hidden camera installed in the fire alarm is difficult to remove. In the case of a fire alarm, first check whether it is installed in an unnatural place. For example, fire alarms are often installed in bedrooms, but are not usually installed in bathrooms. It is also necessary to be careful when there are multiple fire alarms in a specific room.

When you search for “hidden camera” on Amazon, you can see that there are battery-powered ones as well as ones that have a charging cable. It is also important to check in advance what kind of hidden camera exists.

Also, since many hidden cameras are remotely controlled via Wi-Fi, it is also recommended to check the local network when entering the room. Check for available networks and run a quick Nmap scan when connected to the network provided by the host. At this time, if only harmless items such as routers, modems, smart TVs, and printers are found, there is no problem. On the other hand, if nothing is found or there is an item that does not respond at the above item port, further investigation is required.

Check the public IP address you are using at ' https://dshield.org/api/myip ', perform a port scan from the outside, find open suspicious ports, or use the Shodan search engine You can also check if Shodan has found a camera in the past.

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If you have access to the router's management console, check to see if there is a list of connected devices and no other networks are available. There may be two types of SSIDs for home routers and SSIDs for other purposes in home routers, and it seems that a more secure subnetwork is used for hidden cameras.

More advanced techniques include using an infrared camera to examine the object that is generating heat, and continuing to give false movement to a battery-powered camera that reacts to movement.

These hidden places are based on the assumption that the owner of the room is not a sophisticated network engineer, but someone who uses cheap cameras and local networks.

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