How to find a hidden camera or wiretapping device in the room you entered for the first time?


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In recent years, not only have we stayed in hotel rooms or private rooms on passenger ships when traveling, but we have also increased the chances of staying in strangers' rooms due to the development of private lodging services. However, there is an increasing risk of privacy being compromised by advanced voyeur cameras and wiretapping devices, such as reports of hidden cameras being set up in rooms rented by Airbnb. It is possible for ordinary people to discover such hidden cameras and eavesdropping devices, and the security company ' Sentel Tech ', which develops and sells security devices, explains how to discover hidden cameras and eavesdropping devices.

How to Find Hidden Cameras and Spy Bugs (The Professional Way) --Sentel Tech Security

Some people may find that 'discovering a hidden camera or wiretapping device in a room you enter for the first time' is a skill that requires specialized knowledge and training. However, in the news that a hidden camera was discovered on Airbnb etc., many of the discoverers are ordinary people who are not agents of government agencies. Even ordinary people can avoid the risk of privacy invasion by keeping in mind the points to be aware of when checking the room in advance.

According to Sentel Tech, when looking for a hidden device, it's important to first consider 'what type of hidden device could be installed?' For example, if you've been in a hotel room for a long time, you might be at risk of having a camera that shoots video. Or if a critical business deal takes place in a meeting room, someone who seeks sensitive information may have a bugging device to record a private meeting. When searching for hidden devices, it is necessary to pay attention to the existence of the device that is monitoring you.

◆ 01: Assume that you are being monitored
First, go inside a hotel room or conference room where you might have a hidden device, or a room you rented on Airbnb. At this time, Centel Tech recommends that you act on the assumption that you are being monitored. Of course, most likely there will be no surveillance device in the room, but there is no guarantee that it is 100% safe.

For example, when you get in a car, you wear a seatbelt, but it is very rare that an accident will occur and you will benefit from the seatbelt. However, whether or not you actually need a seatbelt is aside, wearing a seatbelt will give you a sense of security and actually improve your safety. Similarly, it seems that the best option is to assume that you are being monitored until you are assured that you are safe.

◆ 02: Divide the room into four
When investigating a room, first stand in the center of the room and then draw a straight line on the four walls to divide the room into four parts. By first dividing the room into four spaces, it is possible to inspect each space in turn and check without overlooking.

◆ 03: Start from basic observation
First, carefully observe the surrounding situation and pay attention to whether there are any suspicious or unsuitable items. For example, if you say 'there are two of the same thing' such as a clock, smoke detector, or coffee pot, you need to be careful. If it doesn't have to be more than one, it could be in the room to set something inside.

Also, whether there are any suspicious holes in the wall or ceiling, whether there are any suspicious parts on the TV, telephone, dryer, pot, etc. placed in the room, or suspicious wires are exposed from a part of the wall. Centel Tech recommends checking for such things.

◆ 04: Check all power strips
Devices such as cameras and wiretaps generally require some kind of power supply. Whether the device is powered directly or powered by a battery depends on 'how much the target (self) is in the space'. If it is battery-powered, it will not be able to monitor after a certain amount of time, but long-term monitoring is possible if it is powered by a cord. It is important to check all power strips and cords in the room to see if there are any cords connected to suspicious devices.

◆ 05: Check for dangerous places in the room
Video-type surveillance equipment is installed in a place where it is easy to capture the figure of a person. Hidden cameras may be installed around the dresser, inside the bathroom, or where the target stays there for a period of time, such as the bed. In addition, it is highly likely that they are aimed at bathrooms, toilets, and doors where people enter and exit.

On the other hand, if a bugging device is set up, it is naturally expected that a bugging device is set up around the place where the group who wants to eavesdrop on the conversation gathers. Places to pay attention to are around beds, tables, sofas, chairs, desks and balconies.

◆ 06: Pay attention to the equipment installed in the building
If you notice that the equipment layout is different from other rooms when you enter the room, you need to be careful about the equipment. Basically, the floor plans of the rooms in one building are almost the same, and even if the furniture is redecorated, the position of the basic equipment should not be so different from the other rooms.

Also, be careful if there are equipment that does not fit the interior of the space. For example, in a modern hotel, many fixtures are new and modernly decorated, but for some reason old beds and furniture are installed, you may need to pay attention to the fixtures and furniture. Hmm.

◆ 07:

Find out about amenity goods
Accommodations such as hotels offer a variety of amenity goods, including coffee pots and coffee cups. As for amenity goods that make the accommodation environment comfortable, there is no loss by checking in advance what kind of goods exist. If you have suspicious amenity goods, you can check with the front desk.



◆ 08: Check the tiles on the ceiling
If the ceiling is tiled, there may be a small hole above it, with a hidden camera installed. Alternatively, Centel Tech says you should check the ceiling tiles just in case, as only a portion of the tile may be misaligned or lifted up.


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◆ 09: Check the mirror
If a mirror is installed in the room, you should check that the mirror is not a 'magic mirror'. If you attach your fingertips to a mirror, there will be a slight gap between the fingertips attached to the mirror and the fingertips reflected by the mirror in a normal mirror. If the actual fingertip and the fingertip reflected in the mirror stick together, the mirror is a magic mirror, and you may be able to see from the back side to this side.

◆ 10: Try turning off the light
It's a simple matter, but you can also turn off the lights in the room and find the faint light emitted by the surveillance device. A small light often comes on when the camera is in the recording state, and if the criminal inadvertently forgets to hide the indicator light, you may notice the presence of a camera operating in the dark.

◆ 11: Use the camera of your smartphone
Many hidden cameras are equipped with a night-vision function that uses infrared rays to record images in the dark. The human eye cannot see infrared light, but it seems that you can see the infrared rays emitted by the hidden camera by using

the in-camera of old mobile phones and smartphones that do not have an infrared cut filter.


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The following items check for the presence of hidden cameras and eavesdroppers using devices that detect surveillance devices. Tools often find surveillance devices that could not be found by visual inspection alone.

◆ 12: Use a radio frequency (RF) detector
Surveillance devices may be sending information to somewhere in real time, and such devices can be detected by RF detectors. If you want to detect a wiretapping device that is generally on the market, an RF detector of about 100 dollars (about 11,000 yen) is enough.

◆ 13: Use the camera lens detector
Some surveillance devices are standalone, recording information to an SD card, and these devices do not emit radio waves and are difficult to find with an RF detector. The camera lens detector can detect the light reflected off the camera lens, which helps you find a stand-alone hidden camera. It seems that some

devices have an RF detector and a camera lens detector integrated.

◆ 14: Turn off your device before using the tool
Before using the RF detector etc., you need to turn off the power of the device that emits radio waves such as your smartphone or PC. Or you may want to check the accuracy of the tool by checking if it can detect the radio waves emitted by your smartphone before actually using the tool.

◆ 15: Check the wall 'like painting'
When using an RF detector etc., it is necessary to bring the tool close to the wall, but at this time, do not bring the tool close to the wall at random. You should check the walls from top to bottom in a fixed order, then from right to left or from left to right. Once you reach the edge of the wall, do the same check along the next wall.

◆ 16: Use a tool to detect heat
Centel Tech says that many surveillance devices generate heat in their own right and can be noticed using thermography or the like. For example, if you use a tool such as 'FLIR ONE' that turns your smartphone into a thermo camera just by wearing it, you may notice a hidden camera that emits a lot of heat.

I tried shooting with 'FLIR ONE', which turns your smartphone into a thermo camera just by wearing it --GIGAZINE

The above is the know-how to discover hidden cameras and eavesdroppers, but if you actually discover a hidden camera etc., instead of being driven by anger and destroying the device, immediately block the camera's view with something and call the police It is important to do.

Some hidden cameras have the ability to start recording in response to moving objects, recording video on an SD card. Due to the nature of the hidden camera, the appearance of the criminal is recorded very often when the camera is set up, so if the SD card is not overwritten with new data, the existence of the camera and SD card will be arrested as it is. Said Centel Tech.

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