'Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Dark Man Umeboshi Soba' tasting review with irresistible sourness of dried plums and strong bonito flakes

Nissin Food Products of the 'Nissin Yakisoba UFO,' said the Nobel confectionery pickled plum with the motif '

man plum ' series has been collaboration 'Nissin Yakisoba UFO dark dark man plum Yakisoba' is August 19, 2019 (Mon. ) Appeared. It is said that it is finished as 'Dense Ume' Yakisoba, which is a condensed sourness and umami of Umeboshi that penetrates by sprinkling with a sauce with a scent of concentrated plum juice and perilla and dried plum flakes. I was curious about what kind of taste it was, so I actually tried it.

'Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Dark Man Ume Yakisoba' (released on August 19) | Nissin Foods Group

Nissin Yakisoba UFO Get a dark and dark man Umeyakisoba. While the usual Nissin Yakisoba UFO has a red-based package, the dark and dark Otoko Ume-yakisoba has a black-based package.

In the package, concentrated plum juice and dried plum flakes were appealing along with an illustration of the mascot character of a man plum who muttered 'W de plum!'

Looking at the raw material names, it has the same composition as general yakisoba, such as fried noodles, sauce, kayaku, and furikake. However, the sauce contained 'Katsuobushi extract' and 'Ume fruit juice', and the sprinkle contained 'Umeboshi flakes', 'Plum seasoning' and 'Nori'.

Calories are 487 kcal per 111 g of meal.

When you remove the packaging, it looks like this.

Open a part of the lid and take out the liquid sauce and sprinkle.

Pour boiling water into the cup and wait for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, I drained the water and opened the lid. The only ingredient is cabbage, and it looks very simple.

When you pour the liquid sauce, you already have the scent of plum vinegar.

Mix it well and sprinkle it on it to make it look like this. Red grains of dried umeboshi and black chopped paste are topped on the fried noodles.

When you try it, you can feel the sourness and aroma of dried plums. Furthermore, the flavors of dried bonito and chopped seaweed combine to create a completely Japanese-style salted fried noodle. Although the flavor oil contained in the sauce is quite oily, it is easy to eat because of its vivid aroma, the acidity of pickled plums, and the strong umami of dried bonito flakes. The sourness is certainly strong, but it wasn't that I couldn't eat it, but rather it stimulated my appetite and I ate it in no time.

Nissin Yakisoba UFO Dark and dark man Umeyakisoba can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from August 19, 2019 (Monday) for 208 yen including tax. In addition, you can purchase a set of 12 at Amazon.co.jp for 2501 yen including tax.

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