I adventured freely with `` Forager '' to explore the island with Nintendo Switch and go on a journey of collecting materials and exploring

Forager ”, which appeared on Nintendo Switch from July 30, 2019, is a 2D survival action game where you explore and explore on an island floating in the sea. By collecting and processing materials, making money, buying islands and expanding the land, you can discover new materials and explore hidden dungeons. I didn't have a mission to save the world, but I actually played 'Forager' where you can freely adventure freely.

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Select 'Play' from the Forager start screen.

Select one of the three save slots.

The tutorial starts when you start the game. The hero is hidden behind a tree and cannot be seen well. Press 'B' button to open the menu.

The menu screen looks something like this. Since '!' Is displayed at the top, press the 'R' button to switch menus.

Open the “Device” menu and select “Machining” with “!” Displayed.

In the initial state, “Kamado”, “Blacksmith table” and “Sewing table” can be selected. It seems that 10 stones are needed to create a furnace.

“First let's make a furnace!” Collect stones to make a furnace.

Finally, the whole picture of the hero appeared. The white body has a pickaxe of the same size as the body.

In order to collect stones, we will crush them with a pickaxe. You can use a pickaxe with the 'X' button.

The following movie shows how the main character collects stones and makes a furnace with different save data.

I collected materials with `` Forager '' and made a furnace-YouTube

The protagonist who breaks the stones with all his power as he collapses.

When the red gauge displayed under the stone disappeared, the stone dropped into the field as material. Even if the material stones and trees are destroyed, they will be automatically generated in the field after a while, so they will be destroyed and collected.

I broke some stones and was able to collect as much stone as needed in the furnace.

Once the stove is installed in an appropriate place, the stove can be used immediately. You can make “coal”, “brick” and “bar” in the initial state. Try to make coal because there is wood.

Smoke and smoke rise from the oven, and the material is processed. The flow of collecting materials with a pickaxe and processing with a furnace is like

Minecraft or Terraria .

When I was obsessed with collecting materials, it became darker. It seems that it has become night over time.

The main character began to complain that he was hungry and unable to produce power as he continued collecting materials in the dark. The lower gauge in the upper left indicates the degree of hunger, and when it reaches 0, it takes damage and the heart that shows the physical strength at the top decreases.

To satisfy hunger, you need to eat 'orange' and 'berry' that can be obtained from trees and bushes.

Repeated acquisition and processing of materials increased the “XP” that represents the experience value, and the level was rising. If you check the top of the screen, there are 2 skill points when you check the top of the screen, so the hero says 'I want to acquire new skills!'

In the initial state, 4 skills can be selected. Skills can be acquired by consuming 1 skill point each.

Acquiring skills frees up a new workbench and allows you to get new materials. First, acquire the skill by long pressing 'A' to get the skill of collecting.

When you acquire a skill, the adjacent skill panel is released and you can select a new skill.

“Forager” is not just an adventure on a small island, but it will earn new adventures by making money and expanding the island. To expand the island, select 'Land' from the menu.

If you have 30 coins, you can purchase the eastern land. In addition to creating coins on the workbench, you can also earn by selling materials and processed products.

When I saved coins and bought the island, there were big beets with faces.

If you attack with a pickaxe, you will be struck by a storm of blame and you will have a very hard reaction. I feel sorry for you.

Speaking with the “A” button, it was very friendly. I just attacked with a pickaxe earlier, but my conscience hurts.

If I was talking happily, I was attacked by the intruding slime and the game was over. When the heart in the upper right reaches 0, the game is over. “Forager” supports auto-save, so you can start right before the game is over.

Since it starts from just before, the heart remains at 1. Since there are few hearts at the beginning, frequent recovery is necessary.

Enemies such as slime can be attacked with a pickaxe, and can be defeated when the red gauge indicating health is exhausted.

Defeating items will drop items and gain experience points.

If enemies and materials are left unattended, they will spring up in the field, so there is no worry of exhaustion.

If you buy an island, you will meet new people and materials, and the more the island expands, the more you discover new things.

Sometimes it is said that something is troubled, but interacting with unique characters is one of the pleasures.

When you buy an island, a dungeon may appear.

In the dungeon, you can solve by solving puzzles and fighting enemies. There are powerful enemies in the dungeon, so you must be well prepared.

In the game, after the tutorial, no clear goal is set, and the player can freely proceed with the game. Players can freely earn new coins and purchase new islands, or make powerful weapons and try to explore the dungeon. It was a game where you could freely adventure as you wish without being instructed by someone.

'Forager' was developed by HopFrog , and at the time of article creation, it can be purchased for download at 1980 yen (tax included) with Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and 2050 yen (tax included) with Steam.

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