"Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. plum bubble tea plum blossom tea flavor spread tasty salt-baked soba" plum sour taste sharply

The Nissin Food merchandise in January 2017, a corner of the "Happy Birthday Tree" trio with the theme of Japanese world view is "Nissin-yaki soba U.F.O. plum bubble tea plum flavored tea flavor spread salt-baked buckwheat noodles". I bought a product that the taste base took in the direction of "Wa" named salt-baked soba with "taste of ume kobu tea and acidity" and tried it.

Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. plum bubble tea plum bubble tea flavor spread salt-baked soba | Nissin Food Group

Color usage of packages is familiar U.F.O. but ......

Elements like "harmony" are included here and there.

As raw materials, "kelp powder" and "plum juice" are included in the sauce, and "plum flakes" are included quickly.

557 kcal per 123 g per meal.

When opening the lid, take out liquid source, cut paste, sprinkle bags ....

Place about 460 ml of hot water and wait for 3 minutes.

Three minutes later, throw away the hot water and apply a liquid sauce and mildly ......

Cut into pieces and sprinkle it and finish it. "Fragrance of plum blossom tea" which is firmer than when blooming tea buds tea at this point is spreading in the room. It intensifies appetite, it is a pretty nice scent.

When you eat a bite, the sourness derived from plum flakes spreads and spreads over the tongue, so you can only understand what the taste of the noodles comes from later. Eventually, as the plum flavor begins to draw, whether it comes from plum juice and kelp powder in the sauce or not, the salty taste like "plum blossom tea" and soft acidity remain. The sauce should be stuck firmly to the noodles, but it is quite thin for instant fried noodles, while the plum flakes are sharp leaves plum flavor, so the impression that somewhat noodles are pushed. The strength of this plum also seems to be "Umebu tea", but when I ate it as fried noodle, I felt unsatisfactory.

The price is 180 yen per tax. People who are interested in Japanese style U.F.O. may be good at eating.

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