I tried all three types of cups `` All-in NOODLES '' complete nutritional food that can easily take in nutrients that are apt to be lacking in modern people

Taking a lot of nutrients in a balanced manner is important for maintaining health and improving the quality of life, but according to the “

2017 National Health and Nutrition Survey ” published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, many Japanese people are required. It seems that they are not getting enough nutrients. In a busy modern society, there is a need for foods that can easily consume the nutrients necessary for a day, and Nissin Foods announced the all-in-PASTA, a complete nutritional food announced in March 2019. I was Five months after that, “All-in NOODLES ” was newly introduced as the second installment of the “All-in series”.

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You can see what the first 'All-in PASTA' of the 'All-in series' was by reading the following review article.

Nissin `` All-in PASTA '' tasting review that stuffed all the nutrition necessary for people into noodles and realized `` complete meal '' with cup noodles-GIGAZINE

Unlike 'All-in PASTA', 'All-in NOODLES' is a Chinese soba type complete nutritional food. What we eat this time is 'All-in NOODLES' noodles and cup noodles made with sauce and ingredients developed for 'All-in NOODLES', ' All-in NOODLES egg yolk sauce and chili oil ' There are three types: rich umami soba,All-in NOODLES, Pakuchi-scented Tom Yum Maze Soba ” and “ All-in NOODLES .

Let ’s start with “All-in NOODLES egg yolk soup and ramen oil”.

“All-in NOODLES” also includes “Recommended amount / guide amount / target amount for men aged 30 to 49” in “ (PDF file)

Japanese dietary intake standards (2015 edition) ” announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. In addition, more than 1/3 of the daily required vitamins and minerals are included. Detailed ingredient display can also be confirmed on the official website . In addition to 13 types of vitamins, 13 types of minerals, protein, and dietary fiber in one serving, sugar is 40% off compared to typical Chinese noodles. “All-in NOODLES: Noodles with yolk sauce and chili oil” and the salt equivalent of 2 meals is 3.0g and protein is 25.8g.

Looking at the raw material names, it seems that dolomite with excellent mineral content such as calcium and magnesium is contained, and yeast and dietary fiber are contained in the noodles. The sauce contains egg yolk sauce and flavored oil, and the sauce contains seasoned pork and green onions. The “spiciness level” was “2” based on a five-point evaluation.

The amount of heat per meal is 546 kcal.

This is what happens when you remove the paper package.

The cup contained All-in NOODLES noodles, liquid dripping, savory and egg yolk dripping.

In addition, all-in NOODLES bags contain noodles and loose oil.

All-in NOODLES uses the “Nutrition Hold Press Method” developed by Nissin Foods, which contains nutrients that tend to escape when boiled, such as vitamins and minerals, inside the noodles. On the other hand, a wheat-based layer that creates a taste and texture wraps the outside of the noodles, reducing the effects of nutrition that tends to feel bitter and puffy. The noodles have a seaweed scent, and the surface is also harsh, making it a different atmosphere from typical Chinese noodles.

Let's make all-in NOODLES cup noodles. First, set up a transparent lid claw ...

Put All-in NOODLES in the cup.

Subsequently, it is also introduced.

Pour hot water up to the line inside the cup. The approximate amount of hot water is about 470ml.

Close the lid and wait 6 minutes. At this time, it is necessary to warm the liquid on the lid.

After 6 minutes, drain the water ...

Add loose oil and loosen all-in NOODLES. Loose oil has a strong garlic scent and is appetizing.

Then add the liquid and egg yolks and mix well ...

This is the completion of “All-in NOODLES Full-bodied soba noodles with egg yolk sauce and chili oil”. The scent of sesame oil and garlic is just free, and just smelling it will make you feel hungry.

When you eat it, the spicy spiciness of chili oil and the umami taste of the soy sauce base spread in your mouth, and the thick noodles combined with the oily soba finish. The noodles had a slightly crisp texture, and it was difficult to squeeze the noodles with “Zuzutsu”, but I could enjoy the texture of the ingredients and the texture of the onions.

Next, “All-in NOODLES Pakuchi Fragrant Tom Yum Maze Soba”.

The salt equivalent of “All-in NOODLES Pakuchi Fragrant Tom Yum Maze Soba” is 2.8 g including sauce and oyster, and 25.6 g protein.

The raw materials for noodles are the same as “All-in NOODLES egg yolk soup and koji umura soba with rar oil”. , There was a feature such as containing red pepper. However, the “spiciness level” is “1”, which does not seem to be spicy as imagined from raw materials.

The amount of heat per meal is 454kcal.

The cup contained All-in NOODLES noodles, liquid dripping, crisp and sprinkles.

Put All-in NOODLES in a cup ...

Pour hot water to the line inside the cup, cover it and wait for 6 minutes. Heating the liquid on the lid is the same as for other cups.

After the hot water is drained, loosen the noodles with oil, add the liquid and mix well.

Finally sprinkled.

This completes “All-in NOODLES Pakuchi Fragrant Tom Yum Maze Soba”. Because it contains coconut milk, it has a slightly sweet scent, as well as red chili and pakchi.

When you eat it, the scent of sweet sauce and pakchi spread in your mouth, and the spicy red pepper spicy the taste. On the other hand, the refreshing refreshing feeling of lemongrass was also felt, and it was possible to enjoy a wide variety of flavors in one cup. Recommended for those who want to enjoy a slightly different taste.

At the end, I will try “All-in NOODLES thick sesame fragrant soba”.

The salt contained in 'All-in NOODLES thick sesame fragrant soup' is 3.6g including sauce and oysters, and 29g protein.

The ingredients for noodles are the same as the others, and the sauce contains boiled sesame seeds and pork extract. Kayaku has seasoned pork mince and tangy vegetables, and came with yam and red pepper as spices. The “spiciness level” is “2”.

The amount of heat per meal is 573 kcal.

The cup contained All-in NOODLES noodles, liquid dripping, savory and spices.

Put All-in NOODLES in a cup ...

Pour hot water and wait 6 minutes while warming the liquid on the lid.

After draining the water, loosen it with oil and then add it to the liquid.

Finally, spices are applied to complete the “All-in NOODLES thick sesame fragrant soba”.

The scent of yam that was in the spices and the fragrant scent of the dish are mixed, which is very appetizing.

As soon as you eat it, the rich meal, the hot peppers and the texture of the meat reminds you of Dandan Mazesoba. Combined with the spicy scent of yam, it is difficult to stop eating. People who are not good at spicy may need to be a little careful because the hotness of chili and yam is felt strongly.

“All-in NOODLES” will be available for purchase from the

official online store of Nissin Foods from Monday, August 19, 2019. At the time of writing the article, it is possible to make a reservation from the 'All-in NOODLES' official website, and the 5 meal set of noodles only is 12% off, and the 6 cups of the 3 types of tastes are 2 each. Each set of 3 meals was 10% off.

A set of “All-in PASTA” and “All-in NOODLES” is also open for reservation, so you can eat and compare two types of complete nutritional food.

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