`` Wiswell Water Dripper '' review that allows you to make drained coffee with your own extraction speed & strength

The watered coffee that you want to drink in summer is characterized by a soft taste because it is slowly extracted. “ Wiswell Water Dripper ” has appeared, which allows you to adjust the strength and mouth feel of coffee by adjusting the extraction speed of this drained coffee to 15 minutes to 6 hours. What does it feel like to actually use it? I was worried about it, so I tried using it.

Wiswell Water Dripper | Tech Wind Co., Ltd.

This is the Wiswell Water Dripper package.

When opened, an instruction manual and the main body were inside.

The main body size is 68mm in bottom diameter x 281mm in height and weighs 456g. Although it is one size larger than a general tumbler, it is the size and weight that a woman can hold with one hand. The heat-resistant temperature is 90 degrees and the cold-resistant temperature is minus 40 degrees.

It looks like this when aligned with the 123.8mm iPhone SE. There is a knob on the front of the unit that adjusts the speed at which the water drops fall. A mechanism that allows you to see how water drops fall from the round window under the knob.

There is nothing on the left side.

There was also a round window on the back for water drops.

On the right side ...

A mark to check whether the coffee server is tight.

The main body can be disassembled into a coffee server, water tank, basket holder, coffee basket, lid, and cock shaft. When disassembled, a round filter came out as a bundled product.

This shaft is inserted into the nozzle, and the speed of the water droplet can be adjusted by turning the shaft.

So I'll actually extract iced coffee.

First, place a round filter on the bottom of the coffee basket.

The basic ingredients of watered coffee are 40g coffee beans and 300ml water. When we measured 40g of coffee beans, it was a considerable amount. The amount of beans needed to add 1 cup of coffee (about 140cc) is about 10g, so it is 4 cups.

Put this in a coffee basket ...

Add a little water to moisten the coffee beans. It seems that water can be distributed evenly by moistening coffee beans, and coffee can be extracted firmly.

If the surface is flat ...

Place a round filter and moisten it with water.

Set coffee basket and water server ...

Pour 300ml of water into the water server.

Preparation is complete.

Adjust the speed at which water drops fall with the knob on the front of the main unit. When the knob is level with the desk, water drops slowly, and the vertical speed increases. However, the instruction manual does not describe how much angle and how fast it will be, so you can only try it yourself.

The state of adjusting the speed of the water droplet can be confirmed from the following movie.

I tried adjusting the speed of water drops with `` Wiswell Water Dripper ''-YouTube

If it is horizontal, it is a slow pace of about 1 drop per 10 seconds, so this time I will try extracting with a knob angle of 45 degrees, medium.

The state of extraction is as follows. If you set it to medium speed, the extraction was completed in about 45 minutes.

`` Wiswell Water Dripper '' State during coffee extraction-YouTube

After extraction, the water tank was empty.

I poured 300ml of water, but because the coffee beans absorb moisture, the extracted liquid is about 220ml. This area seems to change depending on the degree of moistening of the coffee beans.

The coffee extracted using Wiswell Water Dripper is an undiluted solution, and it is recommended to divide it with twice the amount of water, but the impression is not so deep at medium speed. However, when I put watered coffee at home, I sometimes feel that it may be a little thin ... but there was no such unsatisfactory, and it was a firm bitter & sour taste. If you divide it with the same amount of water as coffee, the mouth feels soft.

So, this time, the knob is almost horizontal to extract.

When extracting at low speed, it took about 5 and a half hours.

The darkness is different from the coffee stock extracted in 45 minutes.

When I drank it, it was a bitter and sour taste like espresso that wasn't comparable.

Add water as described in the manual, and make it just as thick as floating ice. In this state, it is possible to make 250ml stock solution to about 500-700ml, so it seems to be able to make it with a cospa of the same level as ordinary coffee.

In addition, let's put the coffee in the fastest with the knob vertical.

In the fastest case, it will be completed in about 15 minutes.

As expected, the coffee that was added in 15 minutes was thin, but the concentration was lower than the extract for 5 and a half hours, but the bitterness and sourness of the coffee were tightly confined. When I put the same amount of milk as the extract, it was a “dense cafe au lait” feeling, so it seems convenient to make a quick ice coffee even when I have no time.

Wiswell Water Dripper is a portable size, but when it was actually used, it was just a specification to put the top cover on top, so it seems difficult to carry it after putting water in the water server. On the other hand, the bottom diameter was 68mm, almost the same size as the milk pack, so it was convenient to enter the refrigerator door pocket. If you prepare it at night and put it in the refrigerator, you can drink fresh iced coffee in the morning.

In addition, Wiswell Water Dripper can be purchased at Amazon at 14,800 yen including tax at the time of article creation. Color variations are piano black and cream white.

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