Nisshin 'All-in PASTA' tasting review where all the nutrients needed for people are packed into noodles and 'complete food' realized with cup noodles

A dried pasta ' All-in PASTA ' that can be ingested with 13 kinds of vitamins and 13 kinds of minerals and dietary fiber and protein appeared from Nisshin Foods on March 27, 2019. 'All the nutrients needed for people are stuffed into the noodles,' but I actually checked out the question 'What is the taste even though there is nutrition?'

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This is the All-in PASTA series. All-in PASTA is available in separate packages for noodles and pasta sauces, and comes in sets of noodles and pasta sauces that can be cooked like a cup of soba noodles.

This time, I will check 'All-in PASTA cup type' (600 yen excluding tax). The sauce that comes with All-in PASTA is ' Scent with rich in domestic basil and rich genovese of richness ' ' Boiled beef richness and flavor rich Bolognese ' and ' Spicy Agirata with chili pepper on ripe tomato ' There is a taste.

First of all, I will try eating it from the aroma and rich genovese that used domestic basil extravagantly.

'Scent with rich domestic basil and rich genovese' contains 1/3 the amount of vitamins and minerals that men aged 30 to 49 need for one day. Also, the sugar content of noodles is 30% off, the equivalent of salt is modestly 2 g, and the protein is 24 g more. You can check how much each nutrition is contained from the

official page .

Looking at the raw material name, it seems that the noodles are mixed with mineral dolomite , dietary fiber and yeast. In the second half, various vitamins and minerals are displayed.

When I opened the package, I had a bag of basil parsley, genovese sauce, and all-in PASTA.

When the bag of All-in PASTA is opened, the bag of All-in PASTA and a bag of loosening oil are included.

All-in PASTA uses Nisshin Foods' new technology ' Nutrition Hold Press Process ' that uses vitamins and minerals tightly packed in the center of pasta and prevents it from flowing out. The surface looks rougher than common non-fried noodles, and the smell has the smell of dried kelp like a shabby kelp.

Then let's actually cook. First of all, set the hook of the lid.

There are claws on the diagonal, so don't forget to stand.

Put All-in Pasta in a cup container ......

Pour hot water to the inside line. The amount of hot water required is about 470 ml.

Close the lid and wait 6 minutes.

Discard the hot water after 6 minutes.

Put on loosening oil ...

Mix and dissolve All-in Pasta.

After injecting Genovese sauce · basil parsley ...

Stir well and complete.

This is the finished 'Scent with rich domestic basil and rich Genovese'. There is a strong basil-like smell of perilla.

When you eat it, the taste of saltiness and basil spreads in your mouth, but as you eat, the original flavor of noodles like kelp remains. The sauce is quite oily, so the noodles slip into the mouth, but the body of the noodles was blessed and had a spaghetti salad.

Next, I will eat 'rich bolognese with coarse beef and umami.'

All vitamins and minerals are included, and 30% sugar off is common. The equivalent amount of salt is 2.7g, and the protein is 31g much.

If you look at the raw material name, the sauce contains ingredients like bolognese such as beef, tomato paste, celery and wine.

The package contained a retort pouch with Bolognese sauce and All-in Pasta.

The difference in how to make is that after pouring hot water, warm the retort pouch of Bolognese sauce on the lid. In addition, it is said that the sauce can be eaten more deliciously if it heats it for 1 minute and 30 seconds with 500 W after transferring to a plate if using a range for 3 to 5 minutes and using a range.

Pour the hot water, add the loosening solution, mix the All-in Pasta pasta well, add the sauce and mix.

This is how 'rich bolognese with coarse beef and umami' is finished. It smells like a meat sauce.

When I try to eat, it has a solid taste of sour sauce with plenty of salmon meat. As the taste of minced meat comes out to the front than tomato, if you want to feel the taste of meat, 'Boronese' is recommended. I sometimes feel the original taste of the noodles with the texture and aftertaste, but I feel the impact of the sauce is strong.

Finally, I try eating 'spicy acirata with peppers on ripe tomatoes'.

Here too, vitamins, minerals and sugars 30% off are common. The equivalent amount of salt is 2.6 g and protein is 26 g.

If you look at the name of the raw materials, the source is a solid tomato, tomato puree, tomato paste and other tomatoes.

According to Nisshin Foods' level of hotness level, 'Level 2 hotness'.

When the package was opened, the retort pouch of Arabiata sauce and All-in Pasta were included.

Put the noodles in a cup container with a lid, pour hot water and wait 6 minutes. The retort pouch needs to be warmed, so warm it on the lid.

Stir over the loosening solution, add the sauce and mix, and the finished 'spicy acirata with chili pepper on ripe tomato' looks like this. It is a level 2 hotness, but the smell is quite spicy.

When I try to eat it, the tomato is full of taste, and the chili pepper is a spicy sauce. The degree of hotness is 'a little hot' and the finish is a little hot. The taste of the noodles was the easiest to feel whether the sauce would disappear quickly in the mouth.

All-in Pasta can also be purchased in separate packages for dried noodles and sauces. You can add taste to the sauce and

arrange the taste, or eat with your favorite sauce on All-in Pasta.

All-in Pasta can be purchased from Nisshin Foods

official online store . It was also possible to receive a limited initial discount and a recurring subscription that reduced the price by up to 20%.

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