The food "Sirerent" that can live just by drinking is updated, a big change in taste and ingredients

You will be able to live without taking meat and vegetablesSorrentoAlthough it is talked about as a new form of food, there were times when it was pointed out that drinking was difficult from the person who actually ingested, and gastrointestinal upsets were reported. Improvement was continued even after general sale, but newly "Version 1.4"Has been released and the voice that taste and ease of drinking has changed dramatically has been raised.

Soylent: Soylent 1.4 begins shipping today.

Soylent 1.4 formula changes taste, ditches oils, swizzles nutrients | Ars Technica

Soilent continues to update the recipe even after receiving official feedback from the user and research results in the laboratory even after formal shipment. "Version 1.4" was released on February 25, 2015, but according to the official page "The powder has been pre-filled with fat and it is no longer necessary to mix with the powder later. The proportion of newly added digestibility ingredients was added and the amount per bag has also increased with feedback from customers. " Also, the amount of vegetable fiber has been reduced from 30 g per bag to 16 g. The act of "reducing dietary fiber" seems to go true and reverse of the current mainstream, but this is because some people can not digest dietary fiber well.

As a big change in version 1.4, first of all, it is a texture of that taste. Soilent, which was pre-released, and Soirerent 1.0 had a texture that was perfect for the analogy of "mud on the bottom of the river". The moment of drinking is smooth, but the rice flour sticks to my throat, and some people seem to have been in a state of not being able to drink without preparing the water put in the glass next to it. However, there is no such texture in Sorrento 1.4. Although it feels like a remnant of "mud on the bottom of the river" after swallowing, it seems that it has been improved so as not to compare with before.

There is also a change in taste. Until now, there was a subtle sweetness like dough, but it seems that Sweetness 1.4 is modestly sweet as if it is "liquid tofu".

Also, it is a soilent which had to be mixed with canola oil and fish oil so far in the bottle, but it is very convenient that this work became unnecessary by mixing fat in the powder beforehand. Because it became unnecessary to add oil separately, the storage period became long, it was a good idea to have it for two years from opening.

This is the former package of Soilent. We entered three meals per pack, and one oil was poked.

A new soyento comes in 4 packs of 1 pack, and there is no supplied oil.

In addition, because the first Soilent had gathered the nutrients necessary for one day in one bag, some people struggled to drink, but with improvement one half of the nutrients needed per day was taken as a bag, Consideration was given to users who can not drink as much as to increase the number of bags when you want to secure the nutrients necessary for the day. And in Soilrent 1.4 it is made to further reduce the size of one bag and ingest four bags of soilent so that you can get the nutrients needed for the day.

The ratio of nutrients has also been changed, and the ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that have kept the 5: 3: 2 ratio is 43: 40: 17.Glycemic loadTo lower the effect of carbohydrates on the body,Saturated fatty acidIt reduces the amount of cholesterol produced in the body by suppressing it so that it can be healthy for a long time.

Sodium per bag increased from 1080 mg to 1640 mg. Originally a small amount of sodium contained in Sorrent was based on the idea that "modern people take sodium from other foods", but users who ingested only Sirerent have complained of headache due to sodium deficiency , It was increased.

In addition to sodium, the amount of chloride also increased from 1260 mg to 2300 mg per bag. This is because sodium and chloride are used to balance the pH of the body, so the amount of chloride was also adjusted according to the increase of sodium.

When the editor of Ars Technica actually drank Sorrent 1.4, when I drank the pre-release version or version 1.0 last time it seems that my condition of gastrointestinal bad and farts are going out, "This time it seems like it There was not anything happening. "

Also,The VergeEditor of Sorrent 1.4 commented that "It is thick and smooth, the taste is more mild", "It looks like a normal banana yogurt smoothie", and the point that it became easier to drink than ever and it became easier to make I appreciated it.

In addition, in January 2015 SorrentoInvestment of 2.4 billion yen, And this update is seen as preparing for mass production.

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