Soilent power up to version 1.1, what has changed?

A new food that can live without eating meat and vegetables is "Sorrento"is. It is the initial production of such a soilentShipment of "Sirerent 1.0" beganAlthough it was reported that being done, newly "Soilent 1.1It also became clear that the version was upgraded to.

Soylent: Introducing Soylent 1.1

The latest version "Sirerent 1.1" which partly modified from "Soirerent 1.0" which was the initial production of Soilent was released. In 1.1 it seems that there are two changes from 1.0, so that the taste of Sorrent itself is "neutral" and the digestibility improves.

Sucralose, an artificial sweetener, is used in Sorrent for the initial production of 1.0, but the amount decreases from 60 mg per bag to 30 mg for 1.1. The development team says that it has been devised to make Soilent as naturally as possible into the consumer's eating habits, but in Soirerent he realized that "it is more difficult to remove than sweet addiction" That's right. Furthermore, according to feedback from consumers who ordered Soirerent 1.0, it is said that many consumers add different flavors to the soil every day. Based on these decisions, the development team decided to reduce sucralose, which is the source of sweetness.

Users who received the first production of Soilent have already challenged a variety of flavors, and trial and error are repeatedly repeated so that even a little tasty Sorrent can be drunk. Soil 's original "sweetness" which disturbs this flavoring is reduced in version 1.1.

In addition, Alfa-galactosidase and protease of digestive enzymes are added in Sirerent 1.1. This is also an improvement point based on feedback of users who purchased 1.0. Looking at the feedback, it seems that it has turned out that the difference in digestive capacity of individuals is large greatly, and digestive enzymes were added so that anyone can digest more safely without compromising other advantages of Sirerent That's right.

Newly added alpha-galactosidase and protease from 1.1 break down proteins and carbohydrates in a smaller and more digestible manner, and in the preliminary test using 1.1, digestion problems from several soil users We also succeeded in reducing the number of people. Of course, many elements are involved in the digestion of food, but digestive enzymes added in Sirerent 1.1 are also the first step toward Solidification of Solid, and the user's feedback is great for future evolution of soil The development team wrote that it will be involved.

In addition, packages are also evolving in Sorrent 1.1, it seems that they have succeeded in reducing the size by 50% from the package of 1.0.

The design of the oil bottle also changed.

The zipp portion of the bag containing the main ingredient of soilent evolved into a strong one in powder.

In addition, American technology news siteArs TechnicaI will serve as a writerLee HutchinsonSeems to like Sirento very much, especially if it is optimal for nutritional supplements, such as when updating live performance of recital performed by Apple, Google, etc.commentdoing.

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