What happens when you live two weeks after eating "Sirento"?

As a solution to the food problem that is a global problem, we can take nutrients necessary for human body without taking conventional meal "Sorrento"Has already been commercialized by Kickstarter. And, someone who tested as a pillar whether or not it really can live just by this sorrent has appeared.

Soylent: What Happened When I Stopped Eating For 2 Weeks

Sorrent is scheduled to be shipped in December if you order now, it is not yet on the market.The 4 Hour WorkweekIn order to break down the current situation that there are no experimental results other than the manufacturer, as an experiment, we do not take any ordinary meals for 2 weeks, live only with solerent, and have blood and body fat percentage, skin irritation to heart rate, sleep We have summarized the results of measuring how such changes will appear. The inventor of Soilent does not care much about the health background and doubts about long-term use. We may not be able to measure dramatic changes in the experimental period of this two weeks, but it will be enough if we reach the worst scenario. However, fortunately there was no meltdown.

An example of Shane's usual meal. breakfast:MASCLE MILKProteinized beverage called lunch:chipotle pepper· Vegetarian Burrito, Diet Cork, Dinner: Take out Red Thai Curry and Tofu, Snacks: M & amp; M'S 1-2 bags

The total nutrition components for the above-mentioned one day were calorie: 1862 kcal, fat: 74.1 g, saturated fat: 24.5 g, trans fat: 0, cholesterol: 19 mg, sodium: 4277 mg, potassium: 1395 mg, carbohydrate: 199.5 g, dietary fiber : 34 g, Sugar: 45 g, Protein: 88 g, Vitamin, Zinc, Magnesium etc. are about 30% of the required intake.

The nutrients for one day that can be ingested with solerent alone are calorie: 2404 kcal, fat: 65 g, saturated fat: 0, trans fat: 0, cholesterol: 0, sodium: 2.4 g, potassium: 3.5 g, carbohydrate: 400 g, food Fiber: 40 g, sugar:?, Protein: 80 g (latest version is120 g), Vitamins, zinc, magnesium etc. all meet 100% of the required intake.

◆ Observations 1 to 3

Mr. Shane says that he is suffering from a headache coming from fatigue and often tired in the afternoon. Sighing while thinking that pizza and brownies can not be eaten for a while while mixing the first soilent in the pitcher with the water. Contrary to expectation, however, the taste of Sorrent is quite good,VeganIt was fun compared with the taste of organic protein of peas and hemp drunk people. On the 2nd day, I felt a sense of incongruity that I did not eat food, and the smell of food stuck my nose everywhere. After having drank soil, there was a feeling that the inside of the throat burned. On the third day I noticed that, in the morning, by drinking soapy a little, the usual afternoon's disappearance disappears and it is overflowing with energy.

◆ Observations 4 to 6

Even on the fourth day, I did not feel hungry, I felt the flame I felt in my throat. Because energy was always fulfilling, I ran 3 miles (about 4.8 km) and went to the marathon on the weekend. In addition, those who are not good at talking about bowel movements need attention, but surprisingly Shane's defecation has become "soilent". It seems that she did not defecate once every 2 days, it looked whitish and creepy, but it seemed to be clean. For carrying around when you go outNALGENIt seems that they are using bottles.

◆ Observations 7 to 9

In this period, Mr. Shane is completely obsessed with food, and it feels like a wonderful feeling full of energy alone. Someone next doorGuacamoleEven if you eat it does not matter. However, I felt dizzy on the eighth day and the next day, and the cause was that it was indigestion of the lump remaining in the protein shaker. As a result of continuing to drink large clumps for several days, the blood glucose level declined. On the 9th afternoonMagic bulletBuy an electric blender called.

◆ Observations 10 to 13

Thanks to the electric blender, I can shake the soilent cleanly and the problem is solved. Stomatitis like a monster disappears completely, I feel dizziness. It was said that my colleague was cheerful and on the final day, Shane, who said that he was thinking that "if there are two weeks of sirend ... ...." It was a sunny look.

◆ After observation

The appetite returned intensely, and when eating pasta salad and cheese sandwich there was a shock as if the stomach was kicked up by a camel. After that, as gradually returning to the original diet, I felt that the body will return to the usual level.
As a result of the blood test, nearly all numerical values ​​such as sodium and calcium are lower than the upper limit value, the cholesterol value slightly exceeds the upper limit value, but it is decreasing by 27% It was. Heart rate was also OK, the results of the cognitive ability test all also increased, indicating that the spiritual condition was good.

As for cost, savings of $ 5460 a day (about 530 thousand yen) per year as it costs only 9 dollars (about 900 yen) per day in the case of Sorrent for food costs of 24 dollars a day (about 2300 yen) I also saved a lot of time. In addition, it was suggested that muscle was also included in body weight that was reduced in 2 weeks, and did not supplement adequate protein. However, although I imagined a terribly simple and boring meal life, I felt happy.

In this experiment, it was not enough to prove "It can cover all nutrients and calories with solely only", but it was found that Sirerent is not dangerous as food and saves time and money. With such experiments increasing, and further improvement of soilent, it may be that the days when we can truly solve the world food problem can come closer. In addition, it is said that Sirento is Human Free.

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