Powdered beverage made with only organic foods that is healthy and satisfies daily nutrition "Ambronite"

Complete nutritious food "Soylent (soilent)" which makes no meal just by drinkingAlthough shipping has begun, as such a rival product of soil, healthy organic cereals, fruits and vegetables only, healthy and nutritious powder beverages that can be refueled quickly when you are busy "Ambronite"We are looking for investment in Indiegogo.

Ambronite - Real Food Drinkable Supermeal | Indiegogo

The concept movie of "Ambronite" can be seen from the following.

Ambronite - Organic Drinkable Supermeal - YouTube

"Drinkable food" made of the world's first organic material

Nuts and ... ...

Cereals, berries etc are put in the mixer.

Ambronite was able to combine various organic foods.

Transfer Ambronite powder packed in a paper bag to a cup ... ...

Pour water.

If you mix with spoon etc. then OK. It is very easy to supply nutrition.

Then, somehow the green gorilla running around the city appears.

A woman who runs across the street.

A gorilla threw a cup for a lady.

Received woman drinks Ambronite ......

That's why I was able to supply nutrition.

The material of Ambronite is oats, rice protein, almond, coconut powder, hazelnut, walnut,Lukma·Nettle·Apple·Maca· Wheat young leaves · rice bran powder · mineral salt · chlorella ·Nutritionally East·Brazil nuts·Bilberry·spinach·Black currantFruitSea Buckthorn·Spirulina21 kinds of. All organic foods and natural plants are used.

All artificial seasonings, chemical seasonings, gluten, sugar, genetically modified foods, artificial colors and trans fat are not used, and you can drink Vegan (a person who does not take any animal food).

Below is a breakdown of 2000 Kcal standard meal based on recommended intake per day, carbohydrate 197.5 g (40%), lipid 80.9 g (36%), protein 120.6 g (24%). One Ambronite dose is 500 Kcal, of which 30 g protein, carbohydrate and lipid are zero. It contains various vitamins and 14 kinds of essential minerals, even if you ingest the same calorie, it is highly nutritious and very healthy.

The nutrients that can be ingested when you drink Ambronite four times (2000 Kcal) are as follows.

Sodium 0.7 g:
Potassium: 4.69 g
Calcium: 1075 mg
Iron content: 50 mg
Phosphorus: 1583 mg
Iodine: 233Μg
Magnesium: 635 mg
Zinc: 22 mg
Selenium: 96 μg
Copper: 2.2 mg
Manganese: 13 mg
Vitamin A: 1825 μg
Thiamine B1: 5 mg
Riboflavin B2: 2.6 mg
Niacin B 3: 34.5 mg
Pantothenic acid B 5: 9.1 mg
Vitamin B 6: 2.7 mg
Biotin B7: 121.5 μg
Folic Acid B 9: 716 μg
Vitamin B 12: 11.4 μg
Vitamin C: 207 mg
Vitamin D: 15 μg
Vitamin E: 16.7 mg
Vitamin K: 287 μg

Because Ambronite's plane is just mixed, it can supply nutrition in just 2 minutes. Add banana, avocado, berry, apple juice etc. to make smoothie, you can also make your own Ambronite.

The quantity of Ambronite that can be obtained for each investment is as follows. One pack is 119 g (500 Kcal).
· $ 89 (about 8900 yen): 10 packs
· $ 169 (about 17,000 yen): 20 packs
· $ 239 (approx. 24,000 yen): 30 packs
· $ 319 (about 32,000 yen): 40 packs
· $ 775 (about 78,000 yen): 100 packs
· $ 1499 (about 15 million yen): 200 packs
· $ 2599 (about 262,300 yen): 365 days pack (delivery desired amount) + green gorilla + free shipping

In addition, the shipment of products is scheduled for September 2014, and shipping outside the US and Finland requires a separate $ 30 (about 3000 yen). The deadline of investment is Japan time by 15:59 on Friday, July 2014.

Ambronite - Real Food Drinkable Supermeal | Indiegogo

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