Apple's original credit card 'Apple Card' starts in August 2019

At Apple's new product launch event held in March 2019, Apple's proprietary credit card ' Apple Card ' was announced for use in conjunction with the iPhone. And Apple's CEO Tim Cook announced at Apple's third quarter earnings briefing on July 30, 2019 that it will release the Apple Card in August.

Apple Card release date set for August

Apple confirms the Apple Card is coming in August-The Verge

Apple Card is a credit card issued in partnership with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard. There is no issue fee or annual fee, a titanium physical card with no card number or security code will be issued, and it will be possible to pay with Apple Pay by linking it with the iPhone. It also features 2% cashback via Apple Pay and 3% cashback for Apple Music payments.

Apple Introduces Its Own Credit Card 'Apple Card' to Work with iPhone-GIGAZINE

Although Cook did not disclose the specific date on which the Apple Card will be issued, he says, 'Several thousands of Apple employees are beta testing daily with the Apple Card, and in August We plan to start offering the Apple Card. ' For Apple Cards tested for employees, real photos were released in May 2019.

Apple's first original Crea 'Apple Card' is already distributed, the real thing is like this-GIGAZINE

According to the technical media TechCrunch , it is possible to support Apple Cards from iOS 12.4 , which has been released on July 23, 2019, although it has not been announced.

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