The Gadget Ghost Series transforms familiar items such as kettles and takoyaki ware into adorable robots

The Gadget Ghost Series is what transforms kitchen tools and home appliances used in general homes such as kettles, kettles, takoyaki ovens, vacuum cleaners and stoves into original robots. The gadget ghost series, where tools that should have become familiar, suddenly appear to be in love, were exhibited at

Wonder Festival 2019 [Summer] .

Wonder Festival | Wonder Festival

The Gadget Ghost Series was on display at 4-12-12 Peko Poko .

'Typ Kessel: Kettle' (2500 yen) with legs growing in a common kettle.

There was also a golden kettle version. It just looks like a multi-legged robot and looks pretty cute.

'Typ Kessel 'Frayen: Kettle' (2500 yen)

Collaboration of kettle and kettle. It seems as if a kettle-type multi-legged robot is communicating well.

'Typ Ofen: Stove' (7000 yen)

There is also a different color version.

If you get a stove and a kettle, you can also collaborate with other species (?)

It looks like a turtle 'Typ Roster: Rooster' (7000 yen).

I was in a single-person grilled meat. The thin hand holds a bowl and tongs, so it seems to be perfect to bake, but who eats baked meat ...?

The “Typ Staubsauger: Vacuum Cleaner”, which will be sold at the next Wonder Festival, was also displayed for reference. It looks like you're walking around with your own leg, so it feels like an evolutionary robot cleaner.

'Typ Holzkohole Eiser: Charcoal Iron' (3,000 yen) with small legs. If there is a leg, it seems impossible to do ironing, but ...?

'Typ TAKOYAKI Herd: Takoyaki' (5,000 yen) with eight legs extending from the bright red body.

It looks like it will create endless Takoyaki with a pick for turning the dough and Takoyaki on its own.

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