A little eerie Barbie doll accessory

in Japan"JennyThere seems to be someone who has turned Barbie as a dressing doll known as an accessory. It is also sold as an accessory using a part of the doll's body, but there are some spooky atmosphere only for those simulating the human body.

Details are as below.
A pendant with a smiling mouth. $ 170 (about 16,000 yen)

Ring with eyes with patchy. $ 140 (about 13,500 yen)

It will be like this when you put it on your finger

Sterling silver earrings with an elegant smiley doll mouth. $ 185 (about 18,000 yen)

There is a scary powerful ring. $ 110 (approx.

When you feel like this

Hand earring with blue plastic ring. $ 150 (about 14,500 yen)

In addition to this, various accessories using Barbie dolls are made and can be seen from the following link.

Etsy :: margauxlange :: Deconstructing / Reconstructing Barbie

It seems to be difficult to master and master it, but it may be good as a story of a story.

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