One Fess 2019 [Summer] cosplayer summary [prequel] which expressed the world view of the pretty girl cosplay & masterpiece

Wonder Festival is one of the major events where cosplayers who express love for works such as anime, manga and games in a single body gather from all over the country. While many cosplay events are banned from bringing in long items, Onefests is long items so it is overwhelmed by the love of the work, such as cosplay and large-scale equipment that reproduces the view of the world with a strong commitment to detail. . I kept wearing costumes without losing to summer violent sunshine, and put together a figure of the cosplayers who sprinkled smiles.

Wonder Festival | Wonder Festival

' Sword Art Online is the Asuna has reproduced a state that is a swimsuit' Miruo 's.

Asuna in a swimsuit

is a figure that KADOKAWA made at the Wanfest 2019 [Winter] . If you look at it, you can see its completeness well.

The smile is cute.

The back view is like this.

Amane Aoi- san is Diane of 'The Seven Deadly Sins '.

Since the one fess is a long shot OK, we bring in the guilty Gideon. Being able to express even the details is also a good point of cosplay in Onefest.

It is '

Idol Master ' Shirasaka Koume who is Miwa Rabi .

The costume is handmade.

The atmosphere of Koume's world and the atmosphere of Mr. Cosplayer were fused to create a unique atmosphere.

In the corner of the hall, I found a suspicious shadow sleeping lying in green. What a cosplay? If you look at it and worry ...

It is a cosplay of the

agricultural cooperative (JA) logo.

According to Mr.

PRESS, who is cosplaying, 'I only cut and apply paper, so the production period is about 2 hours.' However, on the back of the mask, I was able to see the details such as putting a separate strap for fixing properly and opening a hole to secure the visibility.

Rin Tsuru dressed in the costume of Simon, the main character of Gurren Lagann . It is the size of Ragan that people can really get on.

It was made quite a lot, and it took about 2 months to make it.

The frame was made of wood and pipe, and the arm could be lifted slightly as follows.

Shimon's core drills are handmade and glow green when turned on.

Butagu's bouta sitting on the cockpit.

Rina Uzuki is a cosplay of Yoko.

Equipped with a large sniper rifle that Yoko shakes in the play.

Discover Diaboro and Trish's parent and child who appear in '

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind ' in the hallway.

'King Krimsontsu !!' is cosplayed by

Li-ki @ Jojo .

It seems that the tattoo engraved on the body was made and pasted by oneself.

'Don't get close to me'

Queen Fenix, who is cosplaying her daughter Trish, says, 'Jojo, I really love it!'

Queen Fenix is from the United States and lives in Japan, and is a fashion model. Every time I shoot the camera with the camera turned on, a variety of different poses appear more and more.

Of course, he was able to do without difficulty the standing figure '

Jojo standing' unique to Mr. Hirohiko Araki 's picture.

In addition, a companion at a commercial booth may also be cosplaying at Onefest.

At the booth of Prime 1 Studio where the first ever Eva machine of extraordinary quality was exhibited , Mr. Companion wore a dress of the first machine color.

The temperature rose so much that the participants who walked in the hall with a sweat were given a fan.

Maid who encountered at

Q's Q booth.

The companions at the

Wandera 's booth were perfectly mascot characters in three dimensions.

It has been reproduced with all the attention to detail.

A glove with a meat ball which seems to think 'I want a glove like this'.

The tail is attached,

I felt that the smile was pretty.

At Sega Interactive , there was a figure of a companion dressed in Sega's blue color.

In addition, at the

Reelector's Gear & Showe booth ...

Mr. Companion on the 955

light tank .

Companion who was in the

Good Smile Company booth came from the United States, and it was a doggie attribute that would pull off at the venue, “Turn it out in nothing”.

The main character of '

Mobile Fighter G Gundam ', Domin Kash, a Gundam fighter who can accomplish it no matter how painful. It is mascot cosplay by Todo Saki

'My right hand burns red! Scream you to beat you!'

The Mobile Fighter G Gundam is a unique work among the Gundam series, but it is one of the most popular series 25 years after the broadcast, and at the time of shooting it was

rebroadcast in some areas . Mr. Todo says, “I really like G Gundam!”, Comment full of work love.

In the free area of Makuhari Messe, I found walking sunflowers and merry-go-rounds.

Kayama is the cosplay of the sunflower.

A widely open sunflower head that stands out from a distance. It is a British gentleman style sunflower with a top hat and a two-piece suit.

It was Ms.

Shiba doing the merry-go-round cosplay.

An LED tape was attached to the merry-go-round, and it was sparkling even in the bright.


Kantai Collection-Kankore- ' is still popular. Yuan was on the verge of changing to Yudachi .

Discover the space where the two world lines of Albida and Super Soniko of

ONE PIECE intersect.

Mr. Albida's

apologetics kept wanting the name of a pirate who was too beautiful.

Next door is sexy girl, Mr.

Asuka .

Belfine 's companion is like OL.

The mascot character RIN is anthropomorphized.

The model tool maker

God Hand 's booth was Nipako , cosplayed by Shiina .

Double piece is the proof of double nipper.

CP / FairyLand from the new doll brand 'Anifee' of, PC game ' MaiTetsu is the heroine of' Hachiroku doll appeared. And in the booth, I found a companion who is dressed in a costume of Hachiroku. I saluted along with the dolls.

It is a costume made quite well ...

The letters 'under maintenance' on the armband are embroidered, and they are self-made by a companion.

Parts at the waist were also handmade.

Wave Co., Ltd. had Akagi of Azure Lane .

It is Mr.

Atsuki who is doing cosplay.

It is not a moe system but a maid costume with an orthodox design. The glasses look great.

Figure manufacturers

Wandara - was apparent in, Natsumi illustrations Rias of 'Azul lane' by Mr. cosplay.

Cool look and profile.

Discover Nerima-born idol,

Odori Madeles .

From the left are No. 1 momo and No. 2 Aoi.

Two people of good friend.

I feel professionalism in the place where I was wearing a suit perfectly in a hot and humid day.

As I walked further, I read the pamphlet of Wanfes seriously on the bench and found a figure that I forgot about summer.

Mochimaro- san is coming from the Meiji Army's top army uniform, which is a special order. It seems to be 'about 350,000 yen' only with the jacket.

The back is like this. Is the bag a special order ......? I asked, 'I bought a bag at Mercari'.

The green stripes in the hat indicate the surgeon.

Kagura Kaname is Rem of ' Re: Life in a Different World Starting from Zero '. It looks like a summer swimsuit and T-shirt.

Many REM

figures such as REM life-size figures were also displayed at the venue.

Because the characters of the Fate series were gathered up, I thought, 'Is it a match?'

Susumu Okita Susumu Okita's racing.

Sink is Vlad III.

Bekki- san had written Lee.

A bus stop and Totoro where a bus stop suddenly appeared between concrete buildings.

Small Totoro on the head.

I had a souvenir with acorn in my hand.

This is the timetable of the bus of the seven country mountains. If it is waiting, maybe the bus will come ...

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