Live-action drama version trailer of 'Witcher' which gained popularity in novels and games is finally released

The popular series '

Witcher ', which is a game-based novel by Andrei Sapkovski, will be filmed as an original Netflix series. The main character Gerald is played by Henry Cavill who played Superman Clark Kent in the movie ' Man of Steel '.

The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix-YouTube

The trailer starts with a scene where a gray-haired man walks through the city.

'Remember the story I heard about Witcher. Is that what they said is true?'

This is Gerald played by Henry Cavill.

'Elf was the first Wizard on the continent'

Elf-like women appear ...

A blonde woman who has visited there plays

Freya Arran and plays Siri. It is a character that holds the key to a story with enormous magical power.

'Human and monster appear'

'The elves taught humans how to turn chaos into magic.'

A woman who floats like a stone with magic.

Gerald pulling out the sword.

'And man slaughtered the elves.'

The man staring at men is

Yenefer, the sorcerer who plays Anja Shalotra.

'Chaos is the most dangerous thing in the world'

'If you do not control well, chaos will kill you.'

Geralt that turns the chain.

'What do you need for your life?'

'Only monsters and money?'

'It's all you need'

'There is something waiting for you there'

'This child has tremendous power'

A girl who sits in front of a tree wrapped in a mysterious light.

'Yennefer, imagine the most powerful woman in the world'

The scene changes and Yennefer turns into a diligent look.

'Do you have what you need?'

A large-scale war starts.

'The Nilfgard is here'

'The reason why they came is her'

Siri is shining ...

People around me blow away.

'I can not escape from it because I am afraid of my destiny.'

A kart scene by Gerald.

'I can not do without you!'

'Whether you choose, you will shed blood.'

With Yennefer reaching out while shouting something ...


And the magic bursts.

'The Witcher'

At the end the Geralt is shown facing a huge monster coming from the ground and the trailer ends.

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