It turns out that humans and monkeys can get along well if they see the same video

There may be many people who have tried to get close by inviting people who are interested in movies, but it is clear from the latest experiment that humans can 'become friendly when a monkey and a person see the same image' became.

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The research group of Michael Tomacero et al., Who is the director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, says that “common experiences form a trap” through two experiments showing images for 17 chimpanzees and 7 bonobos. I searched for the roots of

◆ Experiment 1: Human and Monkey
The image below is a reproduction of the first experiment seen from a monkey. The monkey in the experimental group saw the picture with the staff as shown in the left picture. On the other hand, when the control group was looking at the image, the monitor was angled like the image on the right, so that the image could be seen only by the monkey. In addition, the staff in the experiment dropped their eyes on the clipboard so that the monkey could see that the staff did not see the picture.

In front of the monitor, I set up a tube for juice to keep the monkey in front of the monitor. We also installed a tracking camera to track the movements of the monkey's eyes, and confirmed that the monkey was watching the image properly.

The image below is an image of a tracking camera that captures the eye movements of the experimental group, and the red dots show where the monkey is looking. You can see that the monitor shows 'videos that little monkeys are playing' that the monkey likes, and that they are concentrating on the images well.

However, it was observed that the staff looked occasionally at the eyes of the staff, which confirms that the monkey is fully aware of the staff's eyes.

The experiment looks like this, where the two cages were connected by a walkway.

When the video is over, the staff move to the next cage and wait. Also, another staff removed the juice tube and kept the monkey from drinking juice forever.

And we measured the time it took for the monkey, who was unable to do anything, to approach the staff.

The following figure is a graph showing the distribution of the time it took for the monkey to approach the staff, and the vertical axis means that it took a long time to go up. When comparing the graph of the experimental group (left) that saw the video with the staff with the control group (right) where the staff did not see the video, the experimental group tended to approach the staff in a short time I understand that there is.

◆ Experiment 2: Monkeys
In the second experiment, the image was shown to a pair of monkeys as shown in the image below. The monkeys in the experimental group looked at one monitor with two as shown in the left picture. On the other hand, the monkeys in the control group saw the picture on a separate monitor as shown in the right picture. The images are silent so that the monkeys in the experimental group do not know that they saw the same image.

In the second experiment, we measured the time when the monkey who saw the image was approaching in the cage. The following figure is a graph representing the time when a pair of monkeys looking at the image was approaching, and the vertical axis means that the longer you go, the longer you spend. As a result of the experiment, it was confirmed that the experimental group (left) maintained the close distance for a longer time than the control group (right) although there was variation.

◆ Summary
'For a long time, creating a certain bond with common experience has been considered an inherent characteristic of human beings,' said Wouter Wolf, a graduate student at Duke University who coauthored the paper. The results suggest that it is possible that humans acquired the habit of evolution during the process of development much earlier than had been thought so far. '

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