The final trailer of the taiga drama `` Witcher '' based on fantasy novels loved in 20 countries around the world is on sale

The final trailer of Netflix drama version 'The

Witcher ', which was the original of the popular fantasy novel by Andrey Sapkovski , was released in the original of the game ' Witcher 3 Wild Hunt ' shipped 10 million copies worldwide. The main character, Gerald, is Henry Cavill who played Superman Clark Kent in the movie “ Man of Steel ”.

`` The Witcher '' final trailer-Netflix-YouTube

Princess Sirira, the granddaughter of Sintra's Kingdom Carrance, and called “Sintra's Baby Lion, ” is a “source” that is a powerful mediator of power and is targeted for her life.

“Why is she so dangerous?”

“I saw armies gathering,” says

Revere Geralt . One of the warriors “Witcher” who has an extraordinary ability and is apt to kill monsters

The Nilfugaard Empire, south of the continent, is aiming at Princess Sirira and is slowly approaching.

“Nilphguard will destroy everything,” warns Jennefer of magician Wengerberg .

In the battlefield ...

The “black army” of the Nylfgard empire was coming.

And finally the battle begins.

After discovering that the aim of the Nylfgard Empire was Princess Cirilla, Queen Carance entrusted Princess Sirilla with the fate of the world and escaped from the kingdom.

'Take her'

Princess Sirilla, who looked forward to herself, rushed under the witcher Geralt, 'I must search for Geralt'.

On the other hand, the “black army” of the Nylfgard empire rushed to the Kingdom of Siltra…

The Siltra kingdom was also showing the stance of a full-scale war, “Stop Nirvguard”.

'I will crush them'

And Geralt and Jennefer are also involved in the big battle over Princess Sirilla.

'Find her'


'Take it back intact'

'The Witcher' will be distributed on Netflix on Friday, December 20, 2019.

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