Finally the remake version predetor "Predators (predator)" trailer movie appears, theaters will be released this summer

A Japanese killer wields Japanese swords and crashes with Predator or a solitary warrior who plays Lawrence Fishburn continues fighting alone and finally knows where and how this happened and what was going on Although it is understood that it is well understood only that it is a predator anyway "Predators (Predators)The trailer movie has been released.

Playback is from the following.
IGN Video: Predators Movie Trailer - Trailer

It is not a planet but a planet of Predator.

At first glance it looks like a jungle on Earth, but here it is already a hunting ground for Predator. They were taken away from the earth and they were dropped here.

"Hanzou" of a Japanese killer. I will fight with Japanese sword.

Besides that, there are various habits and habits

And Lawrence Fishburn acts, a mysterious man who is still surviving fighting the predator.

There is no escape anywhere.

Heroes who notice that this place is not earthly and something emergency is occurring


Approach Predator

You only have to kill if you do not fight, you have to keep fighting to survive here

Finally meeting with Predator

Predator weapons

It is useless to scream


You can see the mysterious beast that seems like a hound dog brought by Predator

Desperate situation, how can we survive and escape from here ...?

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