Instagram influencers are rapidly losing power


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This is Instagram, which started as 'SNS focused on photo editing', but after being acquired by Facebook, it has rapidly increased being used as an advertising platform. The engagement rate of such Instagram influencer postings has been decreasing since 2016, and a report has been announced that the rate of decrease after 2019 is particularly remarkable.

Instagram Brand Engagement: The Latest Statistics-Trust Insights Marketing Data & Analytics Consulting

Instagram Brand Engagement: The Latest Statistics-Christopher Penn-Medium

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Instagram influencer engagement hovers near all-time lows, study says | Mobile Marketer

According to the influencer marketing company InfluencerDB , the percentage of “sponsored postings” in which companies request advertisements to Instaglamers is 2.4% in the first quarter of 2019, which is 4 years ago It means that it has decreased by 40% or more from the figure of%. Also, non-sponsored influencer postings were shown to decrease from 4.5% to 1.9%.

The average engagement rate of an influencer with at least 10,000 followers is 3.6%, but the influence rate of an influencer with 5,000 to 10,000 followers is as high as 6.3%, and an influencer with 1000 to 5000 followers Is 8.8%. The lower the number of followers in a micro / nano influencer, the higher the engagement rate tends to be.

By category, engagement rates fell in all categories such as beauty, fashion, sports, food, lifestyle, fitness, etc. Overall, the travel sector, which boasted a high engagement rate, was 8% to 4.5%. It has decreased to%. In addition, InfluencerDB has calculated the engagement rate from the number of followers and the average number of 'Like' of each post.



The good news for mobile marketers is that sponsored posts produce a higher engagement rate than unsponsored posts. This is believed to be due to the Instagram algorithm giving priority to sponsored posts, as high quality posts are made when influencers are sponsored. On the other hand, it should be taken into consideration that the overall engagement rate is reduced as Instagram's flooded with sponsored content.

In addition, a report released by marketing firm Trust Insights shows a similar downtrend. For example, if you graphically visualize the average engagement rate of Instagram Influencers in the fashion industry like this: There is a wave, but I can see that the graph has begun to decline from around May 2019.

And here's a graph that shows the average engagement rates for your brand in Instagram: This also shows a decreasing trend from around May 2019. The survey targeted Instagram accounts with 12,451 to 8,530,000 followers, and calculated the engagement rate based on 'total number of engagements for posts / follower size at post'.

Trust Insights has indicated that the decline in the engagement rate is 'There is no such thing as a change in the API from the Facebook developer blog'. According to Trust Insights, there are those who can take a more engaging approach, such as 'posting in a story' or 'combining with external methods such as links from other platforms or emails,' to improve engagement rates.

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