Headline News for July 11, 2019

20th 20th (Fri) 2019 (Friday) The movie '

This Sekai no (more ' ) corner Mubi-Tek card will be released on July 12th (Fri).

The mbi-tike card is an advance ticket that can be pre-seated, and single tickets (tax-included 1400 yen) and pair tickets (tax-included 2800 yen) are prepared this time, and original picture postcards (not for sale and limited quantities) with different patterns are available It comes as.

Also, from October 1 (Tuesday), Lawson Ministop has decided to release a mubi-tike card with a Kaiyodo-made original figure (Picture Conter ver.). The figure is a set of 4 types 'Suzu-san and Harumi-san', 'Suzu-san considering a menu', 'Suzu-san doing sketching', and 'Suzu-san and Shusaku-san', and the price is 5,000 yen including tax. In addition, the set of only the figure that does not come with the mubi-tike card is 3800 yen including tax.

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Studies have shown that cognitive performance declines in rooms without air conditioning, and how does performance change? -GIGAZINE

Succeeded in experiment to reduce population by more than 80% by depriving mosquitoes that transmit infectious diseases-GIGAZINE

The fastest and most scientific way to make friends-GIGAZINE

'Satellite phone encryption can be broken in just a few seconds,' security experts affirm-GIGAZINE

One of the best matches unfolds in the ultra-radical robot battle 'BattleBots' that fights until the opponent is destroyed-GIGAZINE

Mystery that Asian tourists rush to visit a peaceful village with nothing wrong-GIGAZINE

We have experienced the finest cycling experience at the event where you can bike on the highway just before the opening-GIGAZINE

◆ neta (memo, various other)

◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)
Hayabusa 2 landing success in the world's first mission | NHK News

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
Are strategic supplies missing from Korea? Korea's “Unauthorized Exports” List Gets Angry Due to Elimination of Incentives-FNN.jp Prime Online

LDP-Mr. Masamichi Wada, who is being swayed in the election campaign, Sendai |

Japanese population declines for 10 consecutive years Foreigners increase and over 2% of total population | NHK News

Re-employ teachers who have had students fainted due to violence again at another school Oita Prefectural Board of Education-Mainichi Shimbun

The teacher was hurting a student who used violence in a junior high school in Usuki City, Oita Prefecture on the 14th last month after re-employment. According to the prefectural board of education, 'The rules that indicate the criteria for re-employment do not indicate' Can not be re-employed because they have received a summary order, 'and there is no problem.

Korea Illegal export of strategic goods 156 caught in 4 years | NHK News

'If Abe wins, medical expenses burden of late elderly people doubles' Mr. Edano-2019 House of Councilors Election (Cornerial election): Asahi Shimbun digital

The boy's documents sending inspection on North Korea beer illegal import suspicion resale at high price: Asahi Shimbun digital

Goldfish Telephone Box, Dismissal of Copyright Infringement Authors to Appeal: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Republic of Korea, illegal export of weapons related goods detected Syria and Iran also: Asahi Shimbun digital

Goldfish Phone Box Litigation Rejecting Contemporary Art Writers' Appeal against 'Copyright Act Not Protected' Nara District Court-Mainichi Shimbun

Arrested by cashing electronic money obtained by special fraud First application of criminal offenses law violation charges-Mainichi Shimbun

Kobe Shimbun NEXT | General | Junichiro Koizumi 'That I Am Fooled' Talk at Himeji

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
[Atomic bomb] Americans are shocked by burning church from Nagasaki in Hiroshima-Togetter

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
Seven Pay, External ID Login Blocked: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

I tried to summarize the copyright law violation case by Manga Village-piyolog

Google AI Develops 'Krushi' Translation Tools for Japanese History Researchers and Mania to Play Crazy-PC Watch

How to choose a product that an Amazon seller talks → Focus on notations and images that may violate the terms of the agreement rather than a large number of Sakura reviews-Togetter

It is easy to forget when doing events for engineers-but it is better to do it-potato4d log

Machine Learning Platform for In-house Marketers-Iku..com Developers Blog

Looking at the front of the media and advertising functions of Chrome DevTools when you use the problem investigation that you use frequently (tips edition) | GMO ad partners group TECH BLOG by GMO

A sad specification to forward all access via HTTPS to an e-Gov site and HTTP on the announcement page | Slad IT

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)
[Official audition] 'Ninja Warriors Trilogy Album'-YouTube

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)
It's strange that it's strange that it's just about the topic of Johnny's, but it's only introducing matches, or a moderator like mourning, or it's a little over-time, since the news of Johnny Kitagawa's apocalypse Voice-Togetter

Former Chairman Takeda to Honor Committee JOC: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Olympics, this time 'no hotel' organizing committee temporarily held a large amount of money: Asahi Shimbun digital

Poisonous tongue, bruises, misunderstanding, not like a female anager-'I don't want to hear you' Revolution aimed at Ayaka Hironaka-Yahoo! News

Critic Kenichi Takemura died 89 years old with a pipe in his hand 'Daitaiyanee ...'-The Mainichi Shimbun

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
'The cheese flavor has been doubled' 'Pizza Potato W (Double)' Re-release decision due to strong sales! Released for a limited time from Monday, July 15, 2019 | Calbee, Inc.

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