June 7, 2019 Headline News

Volume 1 of 'Midnight Gourmet Manga' and ' Moon Night Gourmet ' based on the novelist Otaro Maijo, who is known for his works such as 'Ashura Girl' and 'I love you, I love you, I love you' has been decided. This work depicts the encounter with Sakura's food, which goes on a 'food adventure' with the notebook left by his father, and the appearance of tracing his father's image. Chie Okunishi, who was in charge of drawing, was serializing 'Egg Weekly BBQ!' In Young Jump.

The cover looks like this.

This is a hand-drawn illustration by Mr. Maijo of the original draft.

It will be released on June 28, 2019 (Friday), and the price is 1200 yen + tax.

Moonlit Night Gourmet 1 | Otaro Maijo, Chie Okunishi | Books | Mail Order | Amazon

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Microsoft has set up a data center under the sea, and clean specifications where electricity is covered only by renewable energy --GIGAZINE

Gamers who continue to pursue shortcuts with that Mario Kart 64 have created an amazing technique with a success rate of 2.5% and a lap time of about 3 seconds --GIGAZINE

'A model of the destruction of planetary civilization' is created based on the case of the destruction of Easter Island --GIGAZINE

A large number of ultra-rare Japanese PC games that are said to be 'existence is a phantom' are unearthed from collectors' private folders --GIGAZINE

Scientific research begins on the disadvantages of 'meditation', 'Makyo'-GIGAZINE

'Cowboy Bebop' becomes a live-action TV series and expands toward the global market --GIGAZINE

Three girls develop 'smart straw' to detect drugs in drinks to prevent date rape --GIGAZINE

Research shows that in order to alleviate the feeling of loneliness, it is necessary to face-to-face face-to-face rather than online-GIGAZINE

◆ Neta (memo, etc.)

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
A troublesome story of 'some' local historians- 'I have historical materials, but I won't show them' ... --Togetter

◆ Society / Politics / Economy (Case / World News / Business)
Liberal Democratic Party to specify consumption tax increase in October House of Councilors election promise, decided on 7th | Kyodo News

87-year-old driving car accident 'accelerator stepped too hard' Nagoya | NHK News

Reverse run accident, confirmation of disconnection of electrical system Operating company admits defects: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kaneka on fire due to childcare leave and retaliation transfer, announced policy to push through without legal problems: Market conditions Kabu full power 2 stories

Russian President expresses concern over Henoko relocation issue | Kyodo News

Freedom of expression 'Japan almost fails to implement recommendations' UN Special Rapporteur [Freedom of the Press Now]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Antidepressant, minimum dose is effective 'Review of academic society guidelines': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Election obstruction, arrest of current offender-YouTube

Right to 'Lunch with a prominent US investor', Chinese youth wins for about 500 million yen 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

'20 million yen savings problem' Opposition strengthening repulsion Confused Financial Services Agency: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Be wary of heavy rains and landslides in Tokai and Kinki | NHK News

“Approximately 20 million yen is required in old age” Mr. Aso “The expression was inappropriate” | NHK News

WEB special feature EU's 'dictator' There is a reason for the support of citizens | NHK News

Mr. Aso, improper expression of financial trial report '20 million yen in old age' | Kyodo News

The number of births in 2018 reached 918,000, the lowest was updated. The birth rate was 1.42: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

House of Councilors election re-election, unification of opposition parties in all 1-person districts | Kyodo News

What was 100-year pension relief? Angry voice in report revealing lies | Woman herself

9-year-old girl ambushed 'I liked it' arrested on suspicion of stalking: Asahi Shimbun Digital

80-year-old driver rushing into the sidewalk 'I made a mistake' Chiba | NHK News

Heisei (1/2), recalled by former Liberal Democratic Party President Sadakazu Tanigaki, whose end of the Cold War resulted in two peaceful transitions of power

Tokaido Shinkansen 'N700S' running test at a maximum speed of 360 km / h | NHK News

Terry Ito's older brother sent documents to a omelet specialty store, suspected of working a Chinese who is not qualified to work --Mainichi Shimbun

Letters with a spray ... Graffiti on the pier of the elevated subway 20-year-old college student arrested near Fujigaoka Station in Nagoya --FNN.jp Prime Online

◆ Lifestyle (life / life / health)

'Unique currency that can be used only on the premises' '' Help 'for reviews' The only vacant 'M Land' in the license camp is too unique → The experiences of those who actually entered the school --Togetter

'Sauna in Finland on weekends' Travel agencies are enthusiastic about late-night flights-Mainichi Shimbun

China and Konjac-Black China BLOG

Isn't Kaneka's response to a transfer order after childcare leave illegal? (Teruto Watanabe) --Individual --Yahoo! News

Since such powerful powers are also used to harass or eliminate certain workers, the illegality of transfers has been a recurring issue in court. Of course, if such a purpose is recognized, the transfer order will be illegal, but Japanese courts tend to decide in the direction of strongly recognizing the authority of the employer. In this regard, it has long been pointed out among lawyers dealing with labor cases that judges who judge illegality tend to be lax about transfers because they are just transferred, just like career civil servants.

Kanto Koshin Tokai Hokuriku South Tohoku is in the rain | NHK News

So far, it has been announced that Okinawa / Amami and southern Kyushu will have a rainy season, but in other regions of western Japan, the weather is expected to recover after the 8th, so no rainy season has been announced.

◆ IT / Gadgets (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
The reason why the attorney's response at the time of the fire is fueled (Motohiko Tokuriki) --Individual --Yahoo! News

Kaneka officially commented on the issue of transfer after childcare leave 'We have confirmed that there is no problem with our response.' --Togetter

I summarized the unauthorized use of PayPay account due to malware infection --piyolog

Founder of Airbnb “Aiming to expand business by utilizing vacant houses” | NHK News

Kobe Shimbun NEXT | Sanda | Braille and talking books are not disclosed online Mita City Library

Payment Transaction Management in Microservices-Mercari Engineering Blog

Google Japan Blog: Enhanced visibility of disaster information on Google Maps and Google Search

◆ Anime / Game / Manga (subculture)

The release date of the latest work in the Atelier series 'Atelier Ryza' has been decided! Attention is focused on Liza-chan, who is introduced as a mediocre and featureless boy-like --Togetter

TV anime 'Given' talk to_PV Akihiko ver. --YouTube

PS4 & Nintendo Switch 'Amaho no Sakunahime' Promotional Video ② --YouTube

20 Recommended Light Novels for Reading Ranobe-Days of Reading and Memorandum

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)
Comedy combination 'Karateka' Cancellation of contract with Mr. Irie Yoshimoto Kogyo | NHK News

Karateka Irie runs a company with annual sales of 100 million yen and 'doesn't have a comedy job' / Kansai / Entertainment / Daily Sports online

The president of an acquaintance's company liked Devilman, so when I recommended 'live-action version Devilman', I decided to watch it together --Togetter

Fuji Endo Ryunosuke Next President 'Raise audience rating and improve business performance' --Entertainment: Nikkan Sports

Haruna Kondo points out to dispose of 'contract cancellation' to Karateka Irie 'No contract': Nanjii Stadium @ Nanji J Summary

What J PRIDE: [Good news] Miyasako, Ryo Ronbu and others settled down with strict caution

857: No name if the wind blows 2019/06/07 (Friday) 09: 33: 37.54 ID: RV + / flPp0
Called by a junior
Without knowing the relationship with the other party
Surrounded by a hangure group dressed like a thug
Sing, take pictures, and devote yourself to fan service without getting 1 yen
Off-white entertainer Miyasako

Masahiro Yamamoto 'A mouse that peels off a bone that was made to reinforce an overworked joint and enters the joint': Ryusoku

WEC 2018-2019 Super Season Round 8 Le Mans 24 Hours Race Preview TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Challenge to win consecutive Le Mans 24 Hours Race | Toyota | Global News Room | Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. Official Corporate Site

◆ New products (clothing, food, housing)
'Welch's', a carbonated drink with a rich flavor that uses 50% grape juice, will be released on June 11th (Tuesday)!

Honda | New 'N-WGN / N-WGN Custom' pre-released on homepage

Chin in the microwave in the bag! Eatable size karaage Karakoro-chan Umashi taste hot June 10th (Monday) New release | Nippon-Ham

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