Headline News for June 6, 2019

A water attraction 'BASHSAAAAN !!' developed with the theme 'In the middle of the city, with the dolphins and completely soaking!' Will start on Saturday, July 13, 2019 at the Kyoto Aquarium. After 15 minutes of normal dolphin performance 'La, La, Fin CIRCUS', you can enjoy the intense splash of the action of the dolphin and the falling type huge water curtain of about 10 m high and 15 m wide, separately from the entrance fee There is no charge required. In the special splash area, with the water guns brought by children, it is possible to shoot water with performers who pour water from all directions with hoses and buckets.

In addition, preparation of kappa and change of clothes is recommended because there is a possibility of getting wet in large quantities. There is no changing room.

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

The Brave man who ported Taito's masterpiece STG 'Dalias' to Mega Drive by himself-GIGAZINE

Research Shows that Breast Cancer Patients at Moderate Risk of Recurring Chemotherapy Have No Significance-GIGAZINE

We tried eating up 6 kinds such as Amazon brand retort curry 'Wickedly Prime' European curry of square-cut beef '-GIGAZINE

Findings that the presence of deadlines affects the perception of time-GIGAZINE

Chocomint's Holy Land 'Cafe1001' is attacked by chocolate mint from all angles-GIGAZINE

A hacker who made a rampant threat to cause SNS to malfunction and made a major incident in history-GIGAZINE

Survey of 'Panama documents' reveals how wealthy people hide assets and hide their identities-GIGAZINE

A gigantic sphere of mystery is excavated and announced as a 'trace of undiscovered civilization' but expert opinion is divided-GIGAZINE

List of new animations that started in the summer of 2015-GIGAZINE

◆ neta (memo, various other)

◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)
A curator without permission is a gifted museum Nobody can go against it-Mainichi Shimbun

Development of a new concept container with small plastic that 'holds water droplets by hand' | NHK News

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
'I can not live with a pension. First apologize.' Constitution ・ Kiyomi Hagimoto: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The day after living together, 'What's my life?' Cries out violently assault to a former agricultural and agricultural deputy secretary

Minamata Labor Minister Permits Forced Pumps | Joint communication

Hospital shortages due to lack of medical doctors raise operating expenses on the internet Osaka Takatsuki | NHK News

'Kokoichi' founder's asset management company, 2 billion yen declaration error: Asahi Shimbun digital

You are also eating 'illegal eel' excluded Aeon New Product Period: Nikkei Business Electronic Edition

A loan to a woman or a village staff arrest | News from NHK Kansai

Did you forget to remove the Yokohama Municipal Subway derailment device from the rail? | NHK News

Junda Yasuda's passport, 5 months non-delivery Detention in Syria, 'no departure' | Joint communication

A 29-year-old man is arrested on suspicion of obscene act-Sankei News

'The sexual harassment declaration is invalid' Former director of Ryukakusan sued: Asahi Shimbun digital

'All-you-can-drink beer is in the red' movement of the cancellation during the Rugby World Cup also | NHK News

Maruyama Senator Grenade Resolution LDP Koizumi 'Fun not Falling' Voting abstention | NHK News

Column: FCA's Renault integration withdrawal, the biggest loser is France-Reuters

Home search for public broadcasts, accused of one after another Australia-BBC News

Firefighters notify two owners of a letter of thanks to the owner at bedtime | NHK News

Equipment on the derailment accident track in Yokohama municipal subway, forget to remove it | Yokohama municipal subway |

Trying to kill parents in their 80s, arrested a 59-year-old woman |

Why continued, a huge group of athletic meet in Osaka 'help' voice diffusion (1/2 page)-Sankei News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)

My boss told me to go to Starbucks for about an hour, and I returned to the company-Togetter

I would like to write as objectively as possible how much income has increased and spending has increased in the past 30 years in a country called Japan, that is, how rich we have become-my world history blog! ~ World History and Hard Boiled Wonderland ~

'The worst thing about a pervert is a crowded train' Why social psychologists tweet-Mainichi Shimbun

High school education, high education, also have a loan also cliff 39-year-old girl's marriage activities | blog

Lawyers advise school troubles-What is the role of 'School Royer'-Yahoo! News

The reason why the criticism that 'If you want to die should die alone' is not good considering from social psychology, social welfare sciences and Buddhist philosophy | tuna juice | note

'Molestation Stop' Trainee Schoolgirl Appeals 90 People Gathered: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
Best Practice 2019 Edition to Improve Dockerfile

I wrote a personal bookmark system managed by GitHub | Web Scratch

Browser 'Ya read CSS selector from right'-Qiita

2019/06/04 'How to Make a Secure Web Application Systematically Learned 2nd Edition Principles of Creating Vulnerability and Practice of Countermeasure' Application Course (Tokumaru This Application Course)-Qiita

Automating Image Optimization | Web Fundamentals
| Google Developers

Google Developers Japan: Enhance web privacy and security

Painful news (no ∀`): Apple specialist 'The new Mac Pro is said to be' Groe 'is that the frontal lobe is fading'-Live Door Blog

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)
Notice of the Revised Edition of Exploration Femme & Ely: Day visions

TV anime 'BEM' this PV will start broadcasting from July 2019! -YouTube

Kora photos that are familiar with popular anime characters in Russia in reality, more and more realistically: Overseas Overseas Responses @ Overseas Responses

A timeline to talk about 'the trend of becoming a writer'-Togetter

Male color Dino's Gaim Hichor Zero: 533rd 'Before someday someday'-4Gamer.net

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)

Sakurai's greetings to Yama-chan's greeting: 'Where's the bone of the horse' 'There is no match called father': Sports bulletin

Yuta Yamazato & Yu Sakurai marriage conference [Interview full text, first part] 'Shizu-chan introduced me' (Yamazato) (1/2) <dot.> | AERA dot. (Aera dot)

Yuta Yamazato & Yu Sakurai marriage conference [Interview full text, middle part] 'It was a story that was premised on getting married' (Shiroi) (1/2) <dot.> | AERA dot. (Aera dot)

Yuta Yamazato & Yu Sakurai marriage conference [Interview full text, the second part] 'The curry was overtaken by green curry' (Yamazato) (1/7) <dot.> | AERA dot. (Aera dot)

Karateka Irie fires Yoshimoto ... Mediating the year-end party of the Wire Transfer Fraud Group / Entertainment / Daily Sports online

It was discovered that the “dark sales” with the wire transfer fraud group was brokered to Yoshimoto's affiliated talents, and in fact was dismissed

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
(PDF file) -Relax with a refreshing scent of jasmine tea-'Takasanikokuto milk jasmine tea latte' July 2nd, 2019 (Tuesday) [new release for a limited time]

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