Headline News for June 11, 2019

The movie '

Promea ', which has been on the market since May 24th, 2019, has decided to hold the ' Reaction Flame Screening ' which is not the 'support screening.' This work has voices eagerly to support screening from the time of screening, and it will be a form that meets the expectation. The event will be held on June 20, 2019 (Thursday) at the Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas , Aeon Cinema Ebina , Abeno Apollo Cinema , 109 Cinemas Nagoya , United Cinema Sapporo, and T Joy Hakata . Please check the official website of each theater for the screening time and ticket sales schedule.

In addition, with the support screening, you put a hand in the words of the character, shouted 'Sork ー ー ー ー ー ー!' Because it is a screening style that explains or cheers with a psyllium or penlight, if you want to enjoy quietly, please select a different time.

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Supporting screening instruction guide book | movie 'Promare' official site 5/24 (Fri) whole country road show

Director Hiroyuki Imaishi & Kazuki Nakajima · TRIGGER President Masahiko Otsuka
Please have an interview and stage greetings report with Kazuya Enomoto, Hiromi Wakabayashi & Music Director Hiroyuki Sawano .

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The cost of wicking carbon dioxide in the air is surprisingly low-GIGAZINE

Do plants have 'consciousness'? -GIGAZINE

'Google is trying to infringe public domain technology in patent acquisition,' the developer claims-GIGAZINE

New anime list from the summer of 2017-GIGAZINE

It will be like this if you make a star wars 'death star' with 5000 fireworks and make a big explosion-GIGAZINE

'Blind Astronomer' who sees the night sky invisible to others-GIGAZINE

100 life hacks to improve productivity by using time, energy and attentiveness-GIGAZINE

Recipe book 'Introduction and assembly of sandwiches' to understand the basics that you did not know so to make delicious sandwiches-GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)
Achieving a Plasma Electron Temperature of 64 Million Degrees Step to Fusion Power Generation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Coffee is effective in suppressing muscle cramps, 'inadvertently' is the supporting experiment. 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

New Possibilities of Monkeys, Images Opened Attempted smuggling of Narita Airport | Joint communication

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
ViVi critically criticized by internet advertisement with LDP 'Is it an institutional magazine?' 'Pension from T-shirt'-Mainichi Shimbun

Again the possibility of a large-scale demonstration = Hong Kong government, the fugitive criminal regulations 'Without withdrawal': Jiji dot com

At the press conference on Oct. 10, Secretary-General Lin Ying stressed that '(Revision) will not make Hong Kong a refuge for criminals, but will take measures to ensure legal control.' There was no idea to withdraw.

Hong Kong university student sues in 'the most dangerous bill' Japan |

An active university student who appeals for democratization in Hong Kong came to Japan and complained that it was 'the most dangerous bill' concerning a proposed amendment to the ordinance that allows the transfer of suspects from Hong Kong to the mainland of China.

'Don't give up on Hong Kong people' Democrat 'Democratic Goddess' Mr. Zeniwa appeals to withdraw the fugitive offense ordinance revision in Tokyo-Mainichi Shimbun

Former executive of a student group who led the 'umbrella movement' in Hong Kong, Mr. Zhunian (22) held a press conference on the 10th in Tokyo, saying 'The Hong Kong government still ignores the will of the people. 'We will continue to resist in the city,' and appealed for the withdrawal of the fugitive offense ordinance revision. Zhou came to Japan after participating in this demonstration.

Hong Kong demonstrations, intensified confrontations endangered by judicial independence 'Chinaization' (Photo = Joint): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Confusion has spread over the draft 'Fuicide Act' amendments to hand over suspects in Hong Kong to mainland China. The demonstrations announced by the Hong Kong democratic groups on the 9th included 10.3 million people (240,000 in police announcements), the largest ever in the organizer announcement. The Chinese government strongly criticized the protest on the 10th that foreign powers interfered. The Hong Kong government may not change its stance as planned, and the confrontation with the democracy may intensify.

FOCUS: Hong Kong Mass Demo, What is the 'Delivery Ordinance' that Has Become a Fireplace-Reuters

Concerns over the revisions have grown rapidly in recent years, and have spread to business circles and organizations that generally do not like to be at odds with Hong Kong and Chinese authorities.

Hong Kong judges have also expressed a sense of alertness informally, and even Hong Kong-based mainland lawyers are in tune with this, as the mainland justice system can not even expect minimal justice. The Hong Kong Lawyers Group has submitted a detailed written request to the government asking for a postponement of the proposed amendments.

Hong Kong authorities have stressed that the judge will act as a 'guardman' in the delivery review. However, in addition to the close relationship between mainland China and Hong Kong, the content of the examination for delivery is limited, and some judges may be exposed to political pressure and criticism from the Chinese government. Are unofficially concerned.

'The driver's license renewal for the elderly should be strict' 65% NHK poll | NHK News

When NHK polls indicate that the elderly driver should tighten the conditions for renewing his driver's license, 65% said that the driver should 'strict' due to the fact that the accident caused by the elderly driver is continuing. I went up.

Newly-designed driving license for seniors Limited to vehicles with safety function: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Is the pension a demon gate of Abe administration? To '20 million yen old age' opposition issue issue: Asahi Shimbun digital

The issue of the “20 million yen shortage” problem in asset formation in the post-war period has surged on the issue of the ruling and opposition parties' argument battle ahead of the House of Councilors election. The opposition party focused on this issue and pursued the administration on the 10th in the House of Councilors' Settlement Committee, in which all Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other cabinet members met. At the same time, the government is aiming to strengthen its criticism of the consumption tax hike, the revision of the constitution proposed by Prime Minister Abe, and the trade negotiations with the United States, and to position it as an issue of the upper house election.

To '20 million yen after retirement' report withdrawal Aso 'does not accept': Asahi Shimbun digital

Finance Minister Taro Aso stated at a press conference after a cabinet meeting on November 11 that the Financial Services Agency's report stating that the cost of living was 20 million yen for old age was 'not received as a formal report' and accepted Revealed not a thought. Aso explained that the reason is 'different from the government's policy stance,' but with the strong opposition from the opposition, it aims to avoid making the upper house election a dispute.

Monetary Authority, deleted in just 10 days 'such as the pension level declines' expression-Mainichi Shimbun

The Financial Services Agency's “Asset Formation and Management in the Aging Society” report, which was reviewed on the 3rd, is expected to see the level of public pensions falling for the time being from the initial proposal considered by the Financial Council on 22nd last month. And other expressions have been deleted.

National Strategic Special Zone Government Working Group Members Affiliates From the proposer 2 million yen in guidance fee, also food for dinner-Mainichi Shimbun

From a school corporation in Fukuoka City, a consultant company that has a cooperative relationship with the Working Group (WG) 's Working Group (WG)' s acting agency, who first examines regulatory reform proposals, over the government's National Strategic Special Zone I received about 2 million yen in consulting fee. Mr. Hara is a private committee member who examines and selects proposals for deregulation, but at the request of a consulting company, he had been directly giving guidance or having a meeting with the corporation that made the proposal.

Hometown tax payment 'Is it bad to collect?'

On the same day, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced that it was not permitted to participate in the new system for Takano-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture's Oyama-cho, Osaka Prefecture Izumisano-shi, and Osaka Prefecture Miyaki-cho's four municipalities. Takano Town, which collected 19.6 billion yen, which is about five times the town's budget in fiscal 2006, was determined that donation collection using a 'return ticket rate of up to 50%' deviated from the rules.

WEB Special Feature Extreme Change! Criminal Justice-Judge system 10 years-approaching the 'honest' of the judge | NHK News

The background to trying to reflect the citizenship in the trial by introducing the lay judge system was a sense of crisis for judicial officials that the public's trust in the judiciary could be shaken if a judgment far from the citizenship came out . It seems that it is very meaningful for the judge who was in the world surrounded by lawyers to discuss with the citizen on a daily basis at the stage of the judge until the lay judge trial begins.

The five judges who were allowed to be interviewed were all veterans serving as presiding judge, and they are in their late 40s to 50s.

Send images to a 16-year-old high-school student who is despised. A company employee arrested-Sankei News

In January, she contacted girls through a membership-based exchange site (SNS), and made a nuisance to her followers. After that, they are forced to send naked images to girls as a condition to stop nuisance. Furthermore, as a condition to prevent this image from spreading, he requested that he should act in vain.

Fujifilm Autumn to resume black-and-white film sales Many voices for requests | NHK News

As a result, for some of the raw materials procurement in the reduction of demand had become more difficult, with to ensure an alternative material, that it was also attached prospect to reduce the cost in the review of the manufacturing process, the sales from this year of autumn I decided to resume it.

1,600 foreign students missing The improvement guidance to the university Some residence qualifications are not recognized | NHK News

In response to the problem that many foreign students are missing at Tokyo University of Welfare, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has found that the number of people exceeds 1,600 in the last three years.
The government announced that it would not allow the status of residence for some of the new foreign students for the time being, as there was a problem with the acceptance system.

Toilet in the classroom, public bath 2F is the university ... The reality of Tokyo welfare university: Asahi Shimbun digital

Russia's public opinion, an unusual backlash to the independent reporter arrest Three large paper joint statement on one side 15 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Suddenly the palm is turned back, Nissan furious relationship with Renault necessarily worsened: Asahi Shimbun digital

Yu Hasegawa offers an official refusal of the upper house election Discrimination remarks issue: Asahi Shimbun digital

Confine the man of suspicion to the SOS of the pervert victim in the bus car-Sankei News

Nisshin Foods' Cup Noodle Containers Switch to CO2 Reduction | NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
News Up Umbrella, which one do you have for? | NHK News

Unprecedented large-scale Hong Kong demo ... Black China talks about the meaning. 'There is no reason Japan has had this effect'-Togetter

To 70 years of the first literacy survey conducted Receive increase in preschoolers and foreign nationality | NHK News

How many people can not read and write simple Japanese even if they live in Japan? In Japan, such literacy surveys have not been conducted for over 70 years since the postwar occupation. However, in recent years, in response to the increasing number of foreign nationals coming to Japan due to the school refusal children and their parents' jobs, experts have begun to survey the situation.

23-year-old withdrawal ... Why did a 52-year-old man leave home? Consider the '8050 problem' (1/2) <AERA> | AERA dot.

Live with straps | kentz1 | note

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
Uber Eats delivery workers, union preparation treated as sole proprietor, criticized for avoidance of responsibility |

Use RealWorld instead of TodoMVC to learn new frameworks-Runner in the High

'#KuToo is not forced to do anything but I just don't like to pull out the beauty,' gather various opinions-Togetter

Online medical care, alleviation Triggered by village's only doctor sudden illness: Asahi Shimbun digital

Kamikoani village in Akita prefecture, about an hour and a half away from Akita City. In March, the village was deducted from the village's only medical institution, the 80s director of the village health insurance clinic, for a month's pay. When the director had flu and took a temporary medical examination, he gave prescriptions to 46 patients without medical examination.

Google, US dissatisfaction with corporate ethics spewing from employees: Nikkei Business Electronic Edition

The confrontation between employees and executives who have been sloppy in the US for several years is now at the verge of an explosion. In November 2018, one of the employees who led the protest campaign against the sexual harassment of executives and their response announced on its blog that it decided to leave on June 7, 1919, saying that 'the company is under retaliation attack'. did.

Apple Watch Series 4 — Guided by Your Arm — Apple-YouTube

Google changes the top search results not to be the same site |

【WordPress】 This is not for WordPress-Qiita

If you run a Twitter collaboration service on a home server, you were searched for a home-Qiita

Remote work design and operation / or the story that Discord + VSCode LiveShare is good-mizchi's blog

help me! Funds were raised in the emergency hospital's cry and achieved the target amount in 6 days: Asahi Shimbun Digital

I left the management of Scala Kansai-nocono

I went to the Twitter headquarters in the United States! -941 :: blog

(Note) The first HTML Working Group launched-blood at the bottom of the water

A good look at 'Long sentence rude' I often see on Twitter-Goodbye Dolbachy

Huawei, overnight on its own OS: Google asks the US government to lift the siege (Hon Endo)-Personal-Yahoo! News

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【Flag Time】 Theater release OVA Special report PV 【Fragtime OVA Teaser PV】-YouTube

'If you can only stop for 3 minutes, what do you do?' 'If you could stop time for three minutes, what would you do?' Limited time theater open at Shinjuku Balt 9 and others.

Kizuna Ai 'replaces' |


'THE LAST REMNANT Remastered' Launch Trailer (Nintendo SwitchTM Version)-YouTube

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster E3 Trailer-YouTube

'Innocent country' E3 Trailer-YouTube

TV anime 'Fairygone Fairy Gone' climax PV-YouTube

'The break of the content is the break of the edge'-Who is the geek talking with? -White bear scraps

Keanu ・ Ikor · Cyberpunk · · · · · · (聡 聡 聡 |) | Die Hard Tales

You may not know Keanu, so I will explain here. Keanu is not human. His whole body is made of cyber punk, so he doesn't get old, he doesn't die even if he lays like homeless in dangerous NY, and he doesn't have to eat it, but he sometimes appears in movies as a hobby. Keanu is tall (186 cm), born of an electronic future world called MATRIX. Usually he is a PRO killer under the name John. I am familiar with Satan.

Read the animation from the temporal experience. Nakayama Hifumi 'Spider-Man: Spider Bath' | MAGAZINE |

Hanyu Yoshiharu 9th ranks 6th Ryota Fujii 7th rank 93rd Shogi world how to decide the seat of the world (Matsumoto Hirofumi)-Individual-Yahoo! News

If a woman nerd activist calls the act of ringing away awkward nerds as a 'king ring', that's why the hilarious Yarichin came to aim-Togetter

A message from the opening of the Japanese professional baseball team's adviser, Mr. Osamu Oji, 'eBASEBALL pro league'-YouTube

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Karateka Inlet is the tip of the iceberg, the true darkness of the comedian 'Dark Sales' (1/2) <dot.> | AERA dot.

Dark sales are jobs that performers receive directly without going through the office. Even in the case of a banquet or wedding ceremony for a company, if you don't go through the office, you're all in the dark.

Enjoyed 'Dark sales are all done!'-Comedy: Daily Sports

About the flower score first one man live 'inexplicable' | | Note

Former KAT-TUN Taguchi-san's Doza practice 'Don't make it customary', concerns that drug addicts can be driven down-Attorney.com

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Congratulations! ! Launch 40th anniversary! 'Take no Sato Village Tiramisu' June 18 New Release

'Kappa ebisu cracker Lotteria shrimp burger taste' 'Sapporo potato barbe Q Aji lotteriale excellent cheese burger taste' It is sold sequentially by convenience store lead from Monday, June 17, 2019! | News Release | Lotteria

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