Hagen-Dazs' Ultimate Matcha Ice Ice Cream 'Samurai-Dark Tea-' Taste Review Started from 'Grow Tea'

'The matcha ice makes bitterness worse just by adding more matcha green tea,' Hagen-Dazs picks one hand-picked first-picked tea leaf specially grown, and goes over the finest green tea Gyokuro ' 翠-dark tea ... ' that has amplified umami over time has appeared since July 9, 2019 (Tuesday). How is the special specification '翠-dark tea ~' that uses special matcha tea lavishly different from the usual matcha taste Hagen Datas? So I actually bought it and tried to check it.

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'翠-Nocha-' July 9, 2019 | Hagen-Dazs Japan

This is a package of '翠-dark tea ~'. The word '35th' is written on the lid for the 35th anniversary of the Hagen-Dazs.

Kind is ice cream and milk fat is 13.0%. The ingredients are simply cream, skimmed concentrated milk, sugar, egg yolk and matcha tea.

Calories are 220kcal per piece.

Such a feeling when the lid is opened.

How is it different from the regular version of Green Tea? I tried to compare it. I think that the shade of green is a little deeper for '翠-dark brown ~' on the left.

In addition, since ' green tea- dark tea ...' has an internal volume of 100 ml and the normal version of green tea is 110 ml , the size of the cup is slightly smaller.

When I tried to eat it with a spoon only for Hagen-Dazs, the moment I put it in the mouth was strongly sweet, I think 'like like normal green tea ice ...?' Even the taste of the tea which seems to be good only as 'Umami' which is slightly different spreads in the mouth. As the name of 'dark tea', the richness of tea is felt, but it is a full-fledged taste that does not feel anything like Egumi.

The normal version of green tea is the same type of taste as '翠-dark tea ~', but compared with eating, the sweetness and the feeling of milk are superior, and 'sweets-like' finish. It is natural to say that it is ice, but conversely, '翠-dark tea ~' is different from the commercially available green tea ice, 'a commitment to tea' is felt. However, some editors who ate only '翠-dark tea ~' without eating and comparing, there was also a reaction that 'a big difference can not be felt so ...', so you can purchase the regular version as well. It is also recommended to eat together.

In addition, the suggested retail price of Häagen-Dazs '翠-Nocha-' is 350 yen including tax.

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