IKEA announces robot furniture 'Rognan' that can be used even in 6-mat rooms, and beds, sofas and closets can be integrated to transform

We announced that IKEA, a furniture retailer, will release the robot furniture system ' Rognan ' developed jointly with the US furniture startup

Ori Living . Rognan is a smart furniture that integrates a bed, a sofa and a closet, and will be launched in Japan and Hong Kong ahead of the world by 2020.

ROGNAN robotic furniture for small space living-IKEA Today

Ikea is introducing robotic furniture for people who live in small spaces-The Verge

You can see what kind of furniture Rognan is by looking at the following movie.

ROGNAN on Vimeo

Rognan looks like this. There is a built-in bed at the bottom of the closet and a black control panel on the side.

And there is a sofa on the back of the closet.

The space occupied by Rognan is as follows, and it is large enough to fit into a room of about 6 m in size of 3m x 3.5m.

Rognan can be placed on a rail installed in a room and can be slid by computer control. The bed at the bottom of the closet also slides and appears.

The usage example looks like this. When I got out of bed in the morning ...

Store the pillow in the closet.

And when you tap the bed icon on the control panel ...

The bed was automatically stored under the closet.

Next time you tap the hanger icon ...

Rognan slides in such a way that the front of the closet is of a suitable size. You can get ready before going out.

In addition, it can be slid in any direction and distance as well as the pre-programmed position. For example, if you slide Rognan to the right so that the front of the closet is wide ...

You can work by pulling out the storage desk.

When you tap the sofa icon ......

Rognan slides to the left to make the sofa part wider. The bedroom is instantly turned into a living room.

When the time goes to bed, tap the bed icon.

Rognan moves to the right and the bed appears.

IKEA says, “The urban population is increasing, and overpopulated cities are being created that consume land and resources at an unsustainable pace. IKEA improves the daily life of many people, even in confined spaces We want to create a house like a dream, 'said the decision to co-develop with Ori Living who has challenged the limits of living space area. 'When I go to bed I don't need my sofa. When I use the closet, I don't need a bed,' said Ciana Stron, IKEA product developer.

Rognan is built on Ori Living's robot furniture platform, but is designed to be compatible with IKEA's furniture standard ' Plazza system '. It is also compatible with IKEA's smart lighting kit ' Trodre Free '.

The price of Rognan has not been announced at the time of writing. According to foreign media The Verge, Rognan will be launched in Japan and Hong Kong in 2020.

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