What is iRobot's next home robot plan that manufactures and sells rubrums?

ByJustin Dolske

Rumba vacuum cleaner rumba has spread rapidly in recent years, and it is a big hit commodity sold in Japan for about 600,000 units in over 10 years · over 10 million units worldwide, but manufacturing and selling of rubrumIRobotIn anticipation of the future further, the company is planning to manufacture housework robots, CTO (Chief Technology Officer)Paolo · PajanianMrMIT Technology ReviewI am talking about the prospects.

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According to Mr. Pasjanians, "Development of robots that do laundry is one of our priorities, as survey results indicate that washing is the most time consuming among housekeeping in consumer surveys, It takes time to develop. " The company is currently promoting the development of various household robots that recognize and operate surrounding environments, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for robots that help with such housework to be equipped with mobile phone camerasInertial sensorWe plan to install a built-in camera. The robot seems to be able to recognize the situation of the house using an inertial sensor, to plan himself and do housekeeping work.

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If cameras that recognize surrounding environments are put into practical use, the robot can grasp the position of the door and the legs of the chair in the room, and the complicated operation of planning housework and performing work You will be able to do. Furthermore, it is planned to build a system that allows humans and robots to communicate with each other, and the robot understands the command "I want you to stay in the room" "I want the kitchen to be cleaned on Tuesday" "I want to find a book" It will be possible to execute.

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Development of a robot equipped with a sensor that correctly recognizes objects in the house is a challenge that is difficult and costly, and Mr. Pasjanians said, "To put the practical use of robots that help housework, store large amounts of data in the cloud The other thing is, the robot can use that data to learn about domestic work. " According to Mr. Pasjanians, although the robot must grasp to a certain extent when gripping the cup, the cup will be broken if the robot's grip force is too strong, so the cloud is important to learn such things It is said that there is.


In addition, the company is also pursuing research on robots that clean up parts that are not flat like floors, such as gardens, windows, and baths. Whether or not iRobot's development of housework robots really works will draw attention to future developments.

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