IRobot's latest cleaning robot `` Rumba S9 + '' and floor cleaning robot `` Buraba Jet M6 '' that cleans up the garbage and wipes the floor with a combination

We have announced the latest cleaning robot ' Rumba S9 + ' and floor cleaning robot ' Buraba Jet M6 '. Roomba S9 +, which was designed from the ground up instead of upgrading the past model, and the floor cleaning robot BravaJet M6, by wireless communication, the BurabaJet starts cleaning the floor after Roomba cleans dust and dust. Then, it completely reproduces the 'sweeping cleaning → wiping cleaning' performed by humans.

iRobot unveils Roomba s9 + and Braava jet m6 robots that clean together | VentureBeat

Roomba s Series | iRobot

Braava m Series | iRobot

You can see how the Roomba S9 + and the BravaJet M6 work together by looking at the following movie.

iRobot Imprint Link: Roomba s9 and Braava Jet m6-YouTube

Imprint Link technology supports the link between Roomba S9 + and BravaJet M6.

'Imprint Link Technology' can be used by starting cleaning from the 'iRobot HOME' app that can be used on

Android and iOS smartphones.

When cleaning starts, Rumba S9 + starts from the clean base ...

Clean dust and dirt on the carpet and floor.

The number of corner brushes that capture dust in the corners of the room was three for the flagship model ' Rumba i7 + ' one generation ago, but increased to five for the Rumba S9 +.

Roomba S9 + scans the direction of travel 25 times per second and has a sensor that can map the room in 3D. This supports 'Imprint Smart Mapping', which allows you to memorize the entire floor plan and specify the room to be cleaned.

When Rumba S9 + finishes cleaning and returns to clean base ...

Next, the BravaJet M6 leaves the charging base and begins wiping the floor.

BravaJet M6 can share the map with Roomba S9 +, so the room that Roomba S9 + cleans will automatically wipe the floor without any further instructions.

Cooperation by 'Imprint Link technology' can be used with a pair of ' Rumba i7 + ' and Brava Jet M6. Detailed features confirmed by actually using Roomba i7 + can be understood by reading the following article.

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The Rumba S9 + has a clean base that can hold 30 cups of dust, a new anti-allergen system that cuts 99% of allergens such as pollen, mold and mites, as well as higher suction power on carpets. Equipped with 'power boost'. According to iRobot, the Rumba S9 + is the 'more intelligent and powerful' vacuum cleaner than ever.

The rumba S9 + is priced at $ 1299.99 (about 140,000 yen) and the BravaJet M6 is $ 499.99 (about 54,000 yen).

Roomba® s9 + Robot Vacuum | iRobot

iRobot® Braava jet® m6-iRobotNA

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