During the closed beta test of 'Mario Kart Tour' where Marikar can play with a smartphone, voices of test participants gather

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The closed beta test for Android for the smartphone game ' Mario Kart Tour ', which Nintendo is promoting joint development with DeNA, has been limitedly held in Japan and the United States from May 22, 2019. The popular series has attracted attention from all over the world for its appearance on smartphones, but there are voices of participants on the net, including Sam Machkovech , a writer for Ars Technica who participated in the closed beta test. You

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You can find out what kind of game content the Mario Kart Tour is by reading the following article.

Test play video leaked before release of smartphone version Marika 'Mario Kart Tour'-GIGAZINE

Machkovech has joined the closed beta test of the Mario Kart Tour on Samsung's Galaxy S9 . It seems that the 3DCG, which is about the same as the Wii U, was rendered very nicely while using a smartphone.

In addition, the types of characters, carts, and courses are very abundant. Especially, the courses are ' Super Mario Cart ' ' Mario Cart 64 ' ' Mario Cart Advance ' ' Mario Cart Double Dash !! ' ' Mario Cart DS ' ' It seems that past series works such as Mario Kart 7 were adopted. The collection of courses from past works is a delightful point for series fans, and Machkovech rates it as 'a great idea to make fans who play for free happy, at a lower cost.'

However, on the other hand, it is said that the game design that 'must hold the smartphone in portrait orientation and play' is very strange. In the previous series, when playing two players on one screen, the screen was divided horizontally. Also, in the 'Mario Kart' series, the camera work was finely adjusted. However, the Mario Kart Tour is very difficult to do, as the camera work is worse than conventional works, as well as the course and obstacles are more difficult to see than previous series because of the vertical alignment of the smartphone. It says.

In the Mario Kart Tour, the cart runs automatically, and the cart body is operated with your finger. Also, by default, the auto drift function is turned on, and it is possible to switch to 'steer and handle operation' or manual operation that uses the tilt of the smartphone from the setting. However, in the vertical screen, the left and right visibility is poor, and even if you switch to manual, you can not finely adjust the position of the cart by tapping left and right, and there is also a case with strange inertia, which is extremely poor operability. Mr. Machkovech. In fact, many people said that the operability of manual drifting was not good enough.

And, in the Mario Kart Tour, Machkovech also complains about the part of the smartphone where social games like “Staminal” are adopted. The Mario Kart Tour consumes one heart per race and can save up to five 'hearts'. It takes about 12 minutes to save one heart, but if the heart is exhausted, it is necessary to leave the game for a while until the heart is rebuilt.

Also, there is a route box in the Mario Kart Tour, so-called 'Gacha'. This gacha can be randomly selected from a character, a cart model, and a glider. The accessories that can be obtained with such gachas do not change parameters during running, such as power, acceleration power, and maximum speed, but they have the ability to have multiple items at one time or raise the bottom of the driver point (DP). It seems that various special abilities are set by rarity.

It is necessary to consume 'emerald', which is the in-game currency, in order to recover the heart and turn the gacha. Besides, emeralds can be used to improve the skills of characters, carts and gliders, and it is important to put emeralds in order to strengthen them. The emeralds can be cleared according to the clear results, but it is quite difficult to collect the emeralds without charge for stamina control. The emerald can also be purchased by putting real world money.

The emission rate of the Gacha seems to be quite severe, and the participants of the closed beta test also tweeted the impression that 'Nintendo seems to be working hard on monetization in the Mario Kart Tour'.

Machkovech said, 'that the billing in-app Togezo shell and the framework that has been blown away in, considering that the way to make friends and strangers and the multiplayer is limited, we are quite disappointed with the current state of the Mario Kart Tour' Affirmed. However, this release is a closed beta test to the last. The disappointment points raised by the test participants will be resolved in the regular version, and I hope that the game will be of higher quality.

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